I'm glad you found this place.  Not much on this landing page other than links to my two blogs. On the Cowboy Bebop blog, I blather on about all things Bebop. The Great Nerd Out is about stuff that blows my skirt up.  Sometimes I nerd out about things that aren't related to Bebop, and that stuff goes there.  Essays about whatever, some original fiction I plan to write and anything else of interest that a visitor might share. I am also a Second Life DJ (Spook Maroon, aka MrsSpooky, aka DJ Spook) and licensed internet broadcaster:


Stream status:


Schedule of shows (stream status above will tell if I'm working a special event in Second Life...
or broadcasting for the fun of it):

Tuesdays 10PM till 12PM ET.

Wednesdays 8PM till 10PM ET, on Radiometaverse.com

More to come, stay tuned!

Cowboy Bebop Blog (Warning, massive spoilers!)
The Great Spook Nerd Out

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