I'm glad you found this place. I am a sometime blogger. On the Cowboy Bebop blog, I blather on about all things Bebop. I used to have a micro internet radio station which has been suspended due to the loss of the small broadcaster rates. I found another site where I can license my stream, Long story short, my internet station is suspended until further notice.

Update 30-January-2019:

My Cowboy Bebop blog is, shall we say, kaput.  The information is all there, but for some reason there is a problem connecting to the database, so it cannot be accessed.  I'm still trying to find and fix the problem, but everything is still there, we just can't get to it.

What one CAN get to is what I think of the end of the series [DO NOT VISIT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW].  If you've seen the show and get involved in the fandom at all, particularly on message boards, you'll know the ending is... interesting.  That's all I'll say about it here, other than to warn that the hyperlink earlier in this paragraph is a major spoilerpalooza and I don't recommend looking at it until you've seen the show.

Besides that, I've upgraded my computer to Mojave and Dreamweaver CS4 doen't work on this OS, so I had to go and purchase a subscription to Dreamweaver Creative Cloud - at least until a Mac alternative can be found.  This works differently from the CS4, so I'm having to learn how this thing works all over again. Joy.

Still working out what I'm going to do with the site, I'm not a reliable blogger and I can't afford to run my occasional internet radio station.  We'll see. 

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