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I had to discontinue Spook Radio this month due to a catastrophic increase in licensing fees that is hitting all streaming stations. At this point I haven't seen a justification for the amount of this increase, because based on the hours I broadcast and the number of listeners I get, I shouldn't see such a huge difference - I'm talking from $23/month to over $200/month.  For maybe 8 hours per month and MAYBE up to 15 listeners. My pockets aren't deep enough to absorb this increase.  I would have expected that amount to double and I can do that with no problem.

There are efforts underway to alleviate some of this increase for small and micro webcasters such as myself.  Please visit radiodiversity.org and spread the word.  Join us to help keep small and micro webcasters going.  It's good for the webcasters, it's good for the listeners and good for the artists as well.

More information can be found on pronetlicensing.com.  This bears repeating:


If you haven't already, please read the following two articles for more background information. Once you have digested them, please share them with as many as you possibly can: As you know, legislative action is where it will have to go ultimately RadioWorld.com, and the second article: Rain News.com.


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