Real Folk Blues – some thoughts

Do Jet and Faye have any business lecturing Spike about ‘chasing his past’? […]

The Spike nobody sees

Watch how Spike is when nobody’s looking in “Waltz for Venus” […]

Spike and Julia

Spike with Julia

I haven’t written much about Spike and Julia and more definitely needs to be said.

She was only explicitly addressed in 4 sessions: Jupiter Jazz 1 and 2 and Real Folk Blues 1 and 2. She made a very brief appearance in flashbacks in Ballad of Fallen angels. It wasn’t until Jupiter […]

Up next – Spike and Julia

I’m still working on it and I should have it up if not today then tomorrow.

I had touched on the relationship previously and realised that it needs to be fleshed out much more. Once I’ve had a chance to chew on it some more and put some thoughts together, I’ll share.

Spike – ni

Isn’t he CUTE?

I could fill an entire blog devoted just to Spike. Here I write about what I think Spike is like. What makes him tick.

He seems to me more defined by his attachments to the people in his life, not to any thing or money. He was raised by Mao Yenrai. I […]

Spike – ichi

Spike, not following the rules

My absolute FAVORITE character. Ever. The character design is gorgeous (yes, he’s beautiful – you can get lost in those EYES) and the animation for him and everyone else was perfect – you forget that you’re watching an animated character! The voices that were used for him in both the […]

I’ve changed the URL

I wasn’t thinking when I created the ‘wordpress’ folder for this blog. It’s been less than a week, but I decided to make it more descriptive, so it’s been changed to

I doubt anyone’s bookmarked it, but just in case…

Ballad of Fallen Angels – all questions, no answers

We first meet vicious in this session, which raises question upon question, only a few of which are to date actually answered. […]



We don’t know a lot about Vicious. In fact, we know next to nothing.

From the anime guides and some brief flashbacks in a couple of episodes, we know that he and Spike worked together in the Red Dragon syndicate before Spike faked his death. They were described as partners. We know that Vicious […]

Ok, here it is. Spike Lives

Don’t read this if you need to believe Spike died at the end of Real Folk Blues. […]