Massive missive upcoming (spoilers)…

I’m still editing it and formatting it for html, but I have a detailed frame by frame analysis of what happened during the final clash between Spike and Vicious at the end of Real Folk Blues. It’ll have pictures and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one is, heheheh.

Once I’m happy with it, I’ll be posting it as a separate page, with a link to it because it does contain massive spoilers.

Who should read it:

1. Those who have watched Cowboy Bebop and think Spike survived but can’t explain WHY.
2. Those who have seen the show and think Spike died and are unhappy about it.
3. Those who are watching the show for the first time, read the internet and think Spike died and may or may not continue watching it because of it. I almost didn’t finish watching it because of everyone saying he was dead until someone said it was “ambiguous.” It is. Sort of.

The first three times I watched it, I refused to believe that he had been killed. The fourth time through, something didn’t look right and I played it in slow motion and was stunned.

Four frame by frame viewings of that sequence proves to me that he didn’t. I also include in this upcoming page some of my OWN theorizing based on what I saw as well as print statements by director Watanabe-san and others that not only do NOT confirm that he’s dead, but hint that he may not be.

I want to have this done today.

See you space cowboy …

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