Session #0 – the theme of the series

Leaving his past behind

I am watching session #0 again, found in the Remix on disk 5 under Extras. It’s wonderful, shows the characters and their voice actors, the producers, animators, story editor and writer Keiko Nobumoto, soundtrack composer Yoko Kanno, character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto and of course, the man himself, Shinichiro Watanabe. If you […]

‘Soak the sofa’ funny!

Soak the sofa…

Much is written all over the internet about Spike’s tortured soul. Lonely and remorseful about his past. While that’s true, there is much in Cowboy Bebop that is light hearted and gut bustingly funny.

I had seen “Honkey Tonk Woman” back in 2001 from a friend’s DVD on a plane from Albany […]

Anime Guides – holiday gift idea

Cover to Anime Guide 2

I love the Tokyopop anime guides and I refer to them often.

Christmas is coming, as well as Hannuka and any other holidays this time of year where gifts are exchanged. Here is a great one for that Cowboy Bebop fan. The Anime Guides. There are six books in all, […]

Speak Like a Child – finally Faye

Sweet little Faye

Faye as a character during most of the run of the show was self-centered, always out for herself. Never did anything that didn’t directly benefit HER. Compulsive gambler, deep in debt making no moves to try to repay what she owed. She ripped off Spike and Jet more than once (even cleaning […]

Real or Illusion? Another underlying theme

… all a dream

There is another underlying theme I’m seeing in Cowboy Bebop in addition to what I detailed in “What are they saying?” and that is the nature of reality. Dreams, illusions, reality…. TRUTH. How do we know which is real and which is illusion?

Repetition of statements and images indicate that there […]

Ballad of Fallen Angels – ONE question answered

Spike Falling

In Ballad of Fallen Angels – all questions, no answers I had questions about the repeated image of the cross during and after Spike’s clash with Vicious in the cathedral. Turns out it IS an homage to John Woo. John Woo is a favorite of Shinichiro Watanabe’s, and is a Christian and frequently […]

Sympathy for the Devil – “Like I do”


“Like I do” A line Spike repeated multiple times during the episode, each time in response to a question. Jet had asked him what he was going to do with the ring Giraffe gave him, “like I know?”, again when he was getting ready to leave with the special bullet to face off with […]

ACK!! Out of print! Edited 11/24 adding ISBN

Out of print 🙁

Ok, this is a tragedy, but it was bound to happen. Toshihiro Kawamoto’s “Cowboy Bebop Illustrations – The Wind” was published in 2004. It’s filled cover to cover with artwork from Kawamoto-san’s Cowboy Bebop illustrations that were commissioned for various publications and projects, complete with his comments. This artbook is different […]

Dub or Sub?

This is a discussion I see in numerous message boards for the show – which is better, the sub (subitled) or the dub (dubbed into local language, in this case, English). It gets emotional at times, which breaks me up.

I’ll say up front that they’re both excellent. The voice actors for both languages are […]

Dreams and illusions

Cowboy Bebop/Moody Blues connection? […]