Music and lyrics – part 1

Words That We Couldn’t Say

I don’t want these postings to become TOO massive. It appears there is a character limit imposed on us, even though I haven’t quite found what that limit is, other than “you’ll know it when you hit it.” My entries on the music will therefor be broken down into multiple […]

What I’m working on – the music…

… particularly the lyrics. Yoko Kanno and the lyricists she works with to produce the music for this show are nothing short of BRILLIANT – but we know that, having watched (and listened) to the show.

I’ve been immersing myself in the music and there are songs that progress and illustrate the characters that […]

Cowboy Bebop movie on blu ray

The Blu Ray movie

I heard that it wasn’t going to be released on Blu ray outside of Japan, but I found it on

It lists it as being discontinued by the manufacturer, which is rather depressing. It’s listed on the American site and it doesn’t say, but I’d have to ask if it […]

Jet’s arm – stupid stuff I think of…

Who fixes the arm?

… in Black Dog Elegy during his encounter with Udai on the hijacked prison ship, Jet blocks a gun shot with his mechanical arm. Who fixed it?

Jet’s pretty handy, but does he stock spare parts for it -there had to be some damage to the mechanism in there from the […]

Spike & Vicious – where did they come from?

Vicious with Spike and Julia

No one owes you, no one’s to blame Save for bad genes or DNA Ask your conscience the why and how Do it then Do it when But, do it now “Ask DNA” from Cowboy Bebop the Movie

Here we have two characters, raised together, alike in some ways, but […]