Faye’s debt – I’m wondering….

Faye, defrosted

Ok, so Faye was involved in a catastrophic shuttle accident. Her injuries were severe enough that she was put into cryogenic storage until medical technology advanced enough to heal her (turns out she was on ice for 54 years, leaving with her a debt of more than 300 million woolongs, including interest).

In […]

I have to ask…

I’ll be adding this to my ‘spike lives’ page soon, but I have to ask….

Look at this screen cap I took:

Where is Vicious’ body? It was there when Spike shot him. In fact, in this picture:

That white spot on the floor in front of Spike’s feet, circled here in yellow […]

The “Tiger striped cat” story

Tiger Striped Cat book

For those who didn’t know, Tiger Striped Cat story wasn’t made up for the show. It’s an actual book by Yoko Sano and James L. Huffman (published January 1977).

I have read SO many people who think that once he killed Vicious, Spike had nothing left to do. His life […]