New page, w00t!

I’ve added a new page to the collection to go with the fanfic page I added a few days ago. There are a ton of great Cowboy Bebop videos out there and I wanted to share some of my favorites.

For the most part they are embedded, but for the high quality widescreen videos, […]

Covered the Milestones…

Crew of the Bebop

I’m working up some ideas for some more fics. I’ve covered the milestones I wanted to write about – Spike leaving the syndicate, meeting Jet, his first bounty, what happened after Real Folk Blues.

Most of what I’m interested in writing about now are what sort of stuff might have happened […]

Martian Dirge

So what DID happen at the Red Dragon when Spike left them? What were the reactions of the organization and the individuals involved, particularly Mao?

This is purely my own imagination, but the major points are based on what was said in session #5, Ballad of Fallen Angels. There are one or two bits from […]

New Orlando Bop

Here I present the incidents that occurred during Spike’s first bounty with Jet.

I had a lot of fun writing this, hope it’s as much fun to read.

Check it out here.

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged!

Is this guy the perfect Live Action Spike?

Someone posted this suggestion to the Cowboy Bebop board on As much as I love the idea of Keanu as Spike, Takeshi Kaneshiro IS Spike.

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Spike?

Yeah, I’m in love!

Takeshi Kaneshiro


Io Tango

How and where did Spike and Jet meet? The series was silent on the matter, but meet they did. They met, got together and Spike joined Jet on the Bebop hunting bounties. Here I present Io Tango.

It’s rather long, so I split it into 4 pages. Maybe it needs some serious editing, you tell […]

Blog stuff I’m playing with

I was resisting this move, creating a Random Administrivia category and even posting this, because I want this to be pure Bebop (never mind the Champloo cross pollinization), but sometimes I feel the need to tell people what I’m doing – especially if I screw something up and someone visits the site and things look… […]

Funniest. Cowboy. Bebop. Analysis. EVER

Overthinking Cowboy Bebop

I found this site quite by accident while looking for something else Bebop related. I started reading and found myself in tears sitting on a soaked sofa (or loveseat, to be specific). This will be added to my ‘related links’ section, but I thought it was so good, it merited its own […]

Aftermath Twostep

Well here it is, my second Cowboy Bebop fic (and my second fic ever), Aftermath Twostep.

This one is a bit longer than what I had posted before.

This particular piece explores the events that immediately follow Real Folk Blues.

Cast of characters: Spike, Jet, Bob. It mostly takes place on board the […]

New Category – Fics

I mentioned in a conversation I was having with Cronaz in the comments for the Tiger Striped Cat Story posting that I had stories I made up to fill in some details about Spike and his past. Cronaz asked me why I haven’t written them. What’s stopping me?

Good questions! I have one already that […]