Teh Best Worst Beeebop Fnafiction EVAR

This MUST go in my links. You may have seen this…

Don’t remember what I was looking for when I found this, but it is just too funny for words. A lot of it is gibberish, but it looks like they had way too much fun with “Teh Best Worst Beeebop Fnafiction EVAR”



“Twin Peaks” an influence?

I’m researching this, but something fascinating was brought to my attention just now.

I never watched the show (I’m sorry, David Lynch’s directorial style just annoys the crap out of me), but I remember when it was on, people on usenet going on and on about the characters’ dreams that it would show. Surreal, yet […]

Hogan’s Twist

Finally! This is me again, trying something different. This reads more like a Cowboy Bebop session than I think the others do.

This did give me a bit of a hard time writing it. Hope it turned out ok.

Please let me know what you think of Hogan’s Twist.

“Is it real? It must be real”

Badass dream?

I wasn’t going to post this, but… well… this new fic is taking longer to write than I thought it would, and the Spook must post so…

There have been a couple of postings I’ve made about the Cowboy Bebop movie (maybe) being a dream. I gave examples from the movie that would […]

New link – the many faces of Spike

This page was born (naturally) from a ‘discussion’ I was having on the Cowboy Bebop message board on imdb.com. It started out talking about Keanu Reeves playing Spike in the live action movie, and opinions of his expressiveness in his performances. I said that Spike was every bit as expressive as Jet. This other person […]

General cleanup in progress

I’ve been going back through some of the earliests posts here (I don’t recommend it, it’s kind of sad).

A couple of postings needed updating to clean up the parts where I thought Vicious committed suicide by Spike by hitting the floor with his blade instead of Spike. What he was doing was charging him, […]

Cowboy Bebop on blu ray – is it real?

Could it BE??

[edit 3-September: Maybe it WASN’T a false alarm! Amazon.com on both the North American and Japanese sites have an entry where you can sign up to be notified when Cowboy Bebop (1998) is available on blu ray. Please see Cowboy Bebop on blu ray? Not sure what this means] [edit 23-May: […]

Swordfish Melody

Here I was thinking I had covered all the milestones when a reader reminded me of two big ones I missed (Thanks, pureblood-3!).

Doohan from “Wild Horses” is my FAVORITE guest character and I knew I wanted to write about him in a fic. This story is mostly from his point of view.

Swordfish Melody […]

MORE stupid stuff I think of

Ok, so I started writing Cowboy Bebop fanfics. Except for ‘Aftermath Twostep’ which follows Real Folk Blues, everything has taken place before the events in session #1, ‘Asteroid Blues.’ I have this drabble in my head that’s been cracking me up for a long time. Maybe someone else will get a kick out of it. […]

Ode to Charlie

Spike and Jet meet up with an old friend of Jet’s.

This needs a sub heading: “And now for something completely different…”

This is a tale that started out to be about one thing, but as I typed, it morphed into something else. I wanted to do something different from New Orlando Bop and Bebop […]