Heaven’s door, dreams and butterflies

The most beautiful butterflies

I just watched this movie again. For some reason, I always associated “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” as referring more to Vincent than Spike. Vincent was the one who was trying to find the door out of the purgatory he was in. As Vincent was dying he said he now realised that […]

“Rain” sums up Spike’s past

Red Dragon Spike

Ok, I figured out I can upload music to this thing. 🙂

I’ve written a couple of fics that contained descriptions of nightmares that Spike may have had that brought him loudly awake. The song that is the inspiration for these nightmares is Rain

You can listen by clicking the link […]

Don’t Look Back

“Don’t Look Back” picks up immediately where “Days of Future Passed” left off. If you haven’t read Days yet, you might want to before plowing through this one, because it’s heavily referenced. In fact, this is ALMOST “Days of Future Passed” part 2 (almost). 🙂

An ISSP officer taps Jet for a ride from Europa […]

Japan’s reactions to the live-action Cowboy Bebop film

Interesting posting about the live action movie. No news, just an insight into what some of the Japanese fans are saying.

Japan’s reactions to the live-action Cowboy Bebop film | Japanator.com: anime news, original features, and weird stories from Japan, updated daily!.

Bebop on Blu ray – still just a dream

The Blu Ray movie

I apologise for what appears to be misinformation. Still nothing ‘official’ on the alleged release of Cowboy Bebop on blu ray.

I keep checking amazon.com. IF and when I see it available there I will post again about it. 🙁

That’s what I get for taking people’s word for things.


Doves and Crows in Bebop

Unconscious Spike with feather

[edit – it’s not the bar that was called Blue Crow, but the city! My bad!] My computer desktop is covered… COVERED… with pictures of Spike and Jet (mostly Spike). I have a jpeg file open that has four pictures of Spike. This one in particular got me thinking about the […]

Days of Future Passed

I came up with this title when I titled “A Day in the Life.” I HAD to use this, thought it was the perfect Cowboy Bebop session title.

Then I had to come up with a story. It really could have been a lot longer than it turned out to be, but I’m trying […]

Hound Dog

I was planning this one out as I was writing ‘A Day in the Life.’ I wasn’t sure I was going to actually write this one, but thought if I did, it HAD to follow A Day in the Life. You’ll see why.

Maybe some day I’ll tell you where this came from (illegal pharmaceuticals […]

A Day in the Life

Here I introduce two characters that WOULD have appeared in “Rhapsody in Greene” but were cut out because they didn’t fit into the story (one of them would have been killed in an early version, and I couldn’t have that). If I was going to write a Cowboy Bebop spinoff, Cal Wheeler and Martin Holt […]

Cool fic that I didn’t write

Vicious with Bird

Pureblood-3 wrote this cool fic (I hope it’s ok to link to it!).

How did Vicious get his bird? That’s a good question, and I think a great job was done in answering it. Take a look at Black Bird Blues. Enjoy!