Anime Expo in LA July 4th weekend!

[Edit 7/25 – It’s SHINICHI Watanabe that’s going to be at the expo, not Shinichiro. Yeah, I can’t read.]

For those of you lucky enough to live in the area – or have the funds to be able to attend, heheh – there is an awesome event happening in Los Angeles the weekend of July […]

Upgrading wordpress this afternoon

Just fair warning.

If you visit the site several hours from now (“now” being 4:40pm GMT) and things look weird, or empty, that’s just me upgrading wordpress.

Everything should go smoothly, but you never know. I’ll post a comment on this post as soon as it’s done.

Daily Texan Watanabe interview…

Looks like even cached pages eventually expire. moved to a new server and the editor and web master both said that the page would be returning to the site, but it hasn’t yet.

I had linked to the cached page, but even that expired. Fortunately, in a flash of inspiration, I saved the cached […]

Fixed problem with fic page displays

For anyone reading my fics, I use a template that has blue around the outside with a grey text box in the middle. On the left, running up and down is a really pretty graphic. It wasn’t displaying on Firefox or Chrome (but did on Safari and IE).

Thanks to help from friends, I saved […]

Shock the Monkey

Sorry this one took so long to write. Real life has a habit of interrupting my fun sometimes. 🙂

Zealous once again came through with a story idea which helped tremendously (thanks, Z!).

See what happens when our favorite bounty hunters’ latest bounty head has a pet monkey in Shock the Monkey.

I’m sure I […]

General Bebop questions/comments?

I’ve been asked how to post a question about Cowboy Bebop on the blog.

Well, that’s a good question! I haven’t found a good way of setting up general comments not related to a specific posting, so I’m going to try to use this posting. I made this sticky so it will stay at […]

If you’re wondering where my latest fic is…

… there is a combination of RL interruptions and some issues with working out how the story is going to go (many thanks yet AGAIN to Zealous for the plot bunnies!).

This also looks to be longer than normal. Hope it’s an interesting read when I finally get it finished!

I have two […]

New plugin should make life easier

Some of you may have noticed a new plugin I added last night. This is for those who arrive here from other sites, especially search engines.

Too often someone will enter search terms and click on the resulting link to this blog but the page it takes them to doesn’t reflect the posting that they […]

Always broke?

Crew of the Bebop

I’ve been thinking about how during the series they were so frequently out of cash. It was a recurring theme in the show that they were broke – out of fuel, out of food, barely making it. Mushroom Samba is an extreme case in point. They were out of fuel […]