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  • Well me and my friend have been arguing over the ending for Bebop when Spike says the famous last words. When he says “bang”… who is he saying it to?

    His falling star? The syndicate? The fourth wall? or just going out with a bang?

    We even looked at how it was framed in terms of perspective…I argue its slightly from above so he’s shooting upwards but he thinks its aimed in a general direction as he says “its just Spike going out with a bang” literally. …

    Just thought id throw this one out there in case it interested you. Personally I think its the 4th wall with Spike telling the audience its the end. But you dont think he dies so i’m sure you think otherwise!

    • Holy smokes, never thought of that!

      All this time, I was connecting the “Bang!” at the end with the “Bang!” at the end of Sympathy for the Devil – a gesture Spike makes at a symbol of his vanquished enemy (whether the harmonica he threw up into the air or the men at the bottom of the stairs). I took that to mean “I win. I defeated you.”

      I still think that way because he defeated both Wen and Vicious (and by extension, his past and the Red Dragon).

      But those are interesting points. I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be at the falling star (’cause number 1, it didn’t fall. Number 2, it hadn’t faded yet).

      The fourth wall? Hmmm. Maybe. Why not? Yeah, it was the end of Cowboy Bebop, so that WOULD be telling the audience that it was the end (whether one thinks he lives or dies, I don’t think it matters). I say it could be. However… his eyes weren’t looking into he “camera” – or at the audience – so I’m not sure fourth wall would fit. For me, the fourth wall is down when the character looks into the camera/at the audience. That wasn’t what we saw here. I thought he was looking in the general direction of the men at the bottom of the stairs, but that’s just me.

      The syndicate? Yeah, that would tie into what I said above. “You’re finished, I defeated you, ha ha.” I thought it was an act of triumph and maybe defiance. Strength.

      I hope others chime in. That’s a really interesting point that warrants discussion I think.

  • pureblood-3

    I always thought it was a mixture of the Fourth Wall, going out with a bang, and harking back to SftD. I agree with Spooks that it was an act of triumph and strength.
    I don’t think it was directed at the syndicate just because I don’t think they were important enough to warrant it (lol red shirts), and I just looked at the screencaps, he’s definitely looking at the camera. So yeah, fourth wall, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of Spike’s life :D.

    Nice post, btw Spooky. I’m always coming up with random questions so I’m sure this will get filled up with our crazy musings soon enough.

    • LOL! As many times as I’ve seen that video and screen cap, I never got the impression he was looking at the audience. Now that you mention it, I look at the pic and now maybe it does. I’ll have to watch the video again and see if I can see it in motion. 😀

      Syndicate guys not important enough to warrant a ‘bang?’ (LOL) Possibly, but they would be at least as important (and as useless) as Wen’s harmonica without Wen, you know?

      Syndicate guys without the syndicate being as without function as the harmonica without Wen. If I wanted to go REALLY crazy with the connections – in SftD, Wen dies. Spike picks up the harmonica and blows into it and gets nothing but air. At this point, I’m thinking “oh what? Wen’s the only one who can play that thing?” If that’s the case, then the harmonica is now junk since Wen is no longer alive to play it. Same with the syndicate guys. Vicious is no longer there to tell them what to do, so they are now effectively useless as syndicate guys.

      I’m just babbling, don’t mind me. 😀

      I have to watch that ‘bang’ video some more to see if I can see the fourth wall coming down. I actually think that could be cooler than my idea. I would be in the same corner as pureblood – a combination of the two. I kind of like that too!

  • Aquagoose

    Yeah, I agree with you all, that “bang” is directed to the audience, the Syndicate and just as his own personal trademark.

    On a different topic, even though she was quite far from my favourite character, I was a little disappointed because didn’t feel like the audience was given enough closure on Faye, and I’m curious on how other viewers felt on the matter.

    I felt that they didn’t really show how Faye would reconcile her past self with what she had become.
    I find it difficult to imagine, for myself, how she would change due her regaining her memory. I don’t think she would be able to abandon who she had become after waking from the cryogenisis, but equally I don’t feel she’d be able to forget who she was either.
    Seeing as her past and present selves were significantly different I can’t see how she could combine the two in a “coherent” way.

    Hope to see some other interesting views and theories!

    • pureblood-3

      My take on Faye’s ending is that that was the point. I didn’t get the feeling the studio regretted ending it so abruptly with her, and so I think of it as a story about change and growing up. I also don’t think Faye put as much store by who she was, as much as what she had.

      Anyway, sometimes there are times in life when you try to hold on to who you are, but you can’t because circumstances have changed around you, or you’re just not the same person any more. I’m thinking of when I moved from primary school to secondary school: my group of friends separated and found new relationships despite how hard I tried to keep us together. There was this whole new world open to me but all I wanted to do was be nine years old again, living in a bubble-wrapped world when all I had to worry about was when the summer holidays were coming round again.

      I think this is kind of what happened to Faye, she was hoping to find a house there, with a family that would look after her and welcome her home. But of course there wasn’t, and then Spike rang, bringing her back to reality, bossing her around and making it all about him (like he matters :P). So I don’t think Faye would have changed. She herself said nothing good came of getting her memories back. She simply wasn’t that little girl anymore, and the only thing she could do was to let it go.

      • pureblood-3

        Also (lol) I was just reminded of a conversation I recently had at work about those girls at school who were popular, clever – the girl all the others wanted to be. I recently saw a girl like that pushing a pram, looking haggard and completely different. If they looked back at videos of themselves when they were younger, all positive and happy, what would they think of themselves?

    • HI Aquagoose! Welcome! 🙂

      Yeah, I’m with you on the Faye thing. I wanted to see what she would have been like too. All we got was a glimpse.

      While it was perfect as is, it would have been awesome if it could have run another four sessions at least. Oh well. 🙂

  • Aquagoose

    Thanks for the welcome spooky. ^^

    I definately see where both of you are coming from, even with semi-opposing viewpoints.
    Sometimes it seems studios leave the ending open for us to either fill in the gaps ourselves or to create meaning.
    But at the same time I don’t like having to concoct my own answers to the questions the series pose or how a character’s story ends/continues.

    Feels kinda cruel to leave the audience there D=. But I do see where you’re coming from pureblood.

    As for the extra sessions I agree too, but we’d probably have to see what they could come up with before deciding on whether it would further the story or lessen its impact.
    Honestly I’d just be happy with the director or writer to tell me their take on the crew’s future. Something from someone officially involved in the series would feel more real to me, although I guess it’d be a shallow discovery in that they seem to have intended the story to finish at the end of RFB.

    Wow… my responses seem to contradict each other massively lol. Oh well >>

    As an extra question, what did you guys think of Ed?
    It kinda feels like she was left as comic relief rather than a serious character. Honestly to me when she left I didn’t feel sad that I wouldn’t be able to see her again. Rather I felt sad that Jet, Spike and Faye wouldn’t see her again.
    Looking at Spooky’s avatar I can already feel hands around my throat but I’ll ask the question anyway =P.

    • pureblood-3

      I’m pretty adverse to the idea of carrying on, purely because that’s the story they told and that’s that. I don’t think they thought “Argh we’ve only got 26 episodes oh no!” I think they thought, “What’s the best story we can tell in this time frame?” and they told it. If they had an idea that they originally wanted to do or something I wouldn’t mind, but if they made another few episodes for the sake of it would feel a bit tacked-on IMO.

      Lol! I totally agree with you about Ed. Sadness doesn’t just come from people leaving, it also comes from what they leave behind. The entire reason the ending of HDL was sad was because of Spike and Jet’s reaction: sitting in the Bebop, stuffing eggs into their mouths to avoid having to talk to each other (at least it seemed to me). It kind of epitomized the fact that despite the fact they never really interacted in any meaningful way and that Spike was always going on about how he hated kids and pets, she had a huge impact on their lives and they valued her company: the pinwheel proved that.

      • Oh yeah, absolutely, everything you said.

        There, that was easy. LOL

        I know, it pains me that there is no way they can continue after the ending they gave that thing. Good Lord. 😀

        They don’t want to continue making Bebop just for the sake of making more. I think this is part of what makes this show so legendary. They told the story they wanted to tell and stopped.

        I would want to see more animated features as opposed to more sessions, but that’s not gonna happen either.

        Heh, they wanted to leave us wanting more, oh yeah. They did. Knowing we’re not going to GET anymore just makes me cherish what they did make even more.

      • Aquagoose

        Yeah that egg eating scene killed me.

        Gotta wonder though, while it was clear that Jet, Spike and Faye were clearly affected by Ed’s disappearance, did Ed care for them?
        I think most of the evidence I’ve read when people try to prove that Ed didn’t really care was Mushroom Samba. But I kinda thought that was more her being naive. Anyway Ein ate the mushroom earlier and didn’t have take any permanent harm (besides the hopping around for a while).
        I thought what showed it more was Black Dog Serenade where Jet asks Ed to water his bonsai plants if he doesn’t come back. Then she kinda brushes it off and speaks her usualy gibberish… Although i guess you could put that down to naivety too. >>

        • I always wondered about that too, and you pointed out two instances that caused me to wonder. 🙂

          One thought I had was that she had a mission too, she was trying to find her father. That’s why she hooked up with bounty hunters, hoping at some point they would be able to help her find him (she did put that little bounty on him, and they DID find him, LOL).

          Remember in the beginning of Jupiter Jazz, Spike wakes up with a start from a nightmare and Ed’s poking at her computer? Spike asks here where the others were and she just shakes her head (more like wags it from side to side). I got the definite impression she was deeply engrossed in what she was doing and didn’t want to be disturbed. I think she was looking for information about her father. No real reason for that belief, but with her finding him in Hard Luck Woman, that’s what I think.

          But it’s like she had no sense of either reality or danger. It’s like she was completely detached from everything and everyone. She really wanted to be on the Bebop, but until she left, there was no sense that she had any attachments towards any of them except maybe Ein.

          Either she had no sense of reality (like Spike was supposed to have had, only in spades), or she knew she wasn’t staying, so just never got attached. I think part of her is going to miss them, especially Jet and probably Faye. Of course she gave that pinwheel to Spike, so she was thinking of him too.

          Geeze, just talking about that session has me choking up. 😀

    • LOL Aquagoose, I contradict myself all the time when talking about Bebop. I think the show was perfect as is, and the ending kicked all kinds of ass, but part of me is yelling “don’t just LEAVE him there!” LOL

      I can’t imagine following up Real Folk Blues. Can’t do it. It just SCREAMED “THE END.” Sigh. Yeah, I would love more Bebop, but I don’t want them to make more because I think it probably would lessen the impact – of the show, of the end, of everything. It’s just way too epic as is (but if they DID make more, I’d watch it). How’s THAT for contradictory? 😀

      I felt the same way you did about Ed leaving. That’s one of the few sessions that actually made me cry. Yeah, I wasn’t so much broken up about not seeing Ed any more, it was more the wrenching effect her leaving had on Spike and Jet, and of course Ein leaving with her. Ed giving Spike that pinwheel (then seeing it mounted on the Bebop) destroyed me. Ok, I’m choking up now, just thinking about it.

      Plus, we knew that the show was about to come to an end, which was breaking my heart, and even the promos were pouring it on.

  • pureblood-3


  • I have to mention this – I’m watching the series again, one disc per day (it’s early yet, I might do two today). Just finished Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Know what? I’m not minding Faye. I can’t say I like her, but, she’s not the bug up my butt that she was in past viewings. YAAAY!

    This is good. It’s always bugged me how much I couldn’t stand her (it was strictly my problem) and I think I may be over it now. Thank goodness!

  • pureblood-3

    Yay! 😀

  • Yeah! I’m celebrating my indifference to Faye. w00t! LOL

    Maybe another few runs through the series and I’ll start liking her. No guarantees on that point, but yeah, it is a lot easier and more fun to watch Bebop now that I’m tolerating Faye. 🙂

  • Sandor

    Hi All,

    First I want to say thanks to everyone and especially Mrs. Spooky for all the great content and discussion of CB. It’s always nice to find a place on the web where reasoned and mature discussion can occur.

    About Faye, I’m a little torn about her character. On the one hand, she’s a great strong woman character. She knows what she wants and goes after it without hesitation. On the other hand her presentation in CB is annoyingly anime-esque, that is, she seems to be there for fan-service. I mean, how many times is Faye tied up and left there to jiggle for the viewer? It’s as if the show-makers knew they had to include some skin, but chose to balance that out by giving her character more grit and strength, or perhaps spirit is a better word. I do like her english dub voice though. Very noir and sexy.

    I do have a question! I’ve been rewatching the sessions (only for the second time I’m afraid!) with my wife and am up to Ganymede Elegy. Something that has really jumped out to me this time is how often “loved ones” shoot guns at each other, sometimes with fatal results.

    In the first session, “Asteroid Blues”, Asimov’s girlfriend, who obviously cares deeply for him, ends their escape by shooting him in the head.

    In “Ganymede Elegy”, Alisa, Jet’s former girlfriend, tries to shoot him at the climax of the session.

    In “Black Dog Serenade”, Jet and his former partner get in a John Woo style showdown and even actually “shoot” at each other, although Fad’s gun was empty.

    Also, Julia points her gun at Spike at some time right? I don’t remember it quite clearly (my first viewing was several years and a continent ago), but I seem to recall there was some tangible threat of violence in the gesture.

    And of course, just before the final showdown in “Real Folk Blues”, when Faye confronts Spike about “going off to die”, how does she close her argument? By firing her gun at him! In the air I know, but the general idea is there.

    Any thoughts? What does it mean, if anything?

    • Hi Sandor, Welcome!

      Yeah, you know, I guess on some level I’m kind of torn too. I got into a dispute years ago about a female character added to my favorite show. In a lot of ways, she was a lot like Faye. I HATED her, most of my friends LOVED her. They asked me what I hated about her and I listed all her behaviours I couldn’t stand, and they said that those were the reasons why they loved her.

      Same with Faye I guess. I mean, a strong, spunky female character I guess is a good character. I just had a hard time with her ripping off the guys then just moving in on them like she owned the place. I don’t find anything admirable or likable about that. And her rancid attitudes (which of course, she had for good reason). Yeah, there was a lot of fanservice in Faye, but let’s face it, most of the animators (and the director) were all guys, so it stands to reason… I think if her outfit left something to the imagination, it wouldn’t have been so bad. You should hear a friend of mine talking about her, especially about her clothes. He hates her worse than I do! I have to admit though, after a couple dozen viewings, my feelings towards Faye have risen to indifference. Vast improvement.

      OMG, I hadn’t noticed that (at least, not to comment on), but you’re right. People pointing guns at each other. Also, it wasn’t deliberate, but don’t forget BoFA, Spike’s sighting his weapon and pans it over and lands on Jet. He had his finger outside the trigger guard (had it laying across the barrel), so it was semi safe, but geeze.

      I don’t think it means anything, other than they liked the idea of people aiming guns at each other. 😀 And yes, when they met in the graveyard in RFB2, Julia did point a gun at Spike. Or maybe it does mean something. Hopefully someone will comment with their thoughts. I know I have to think about it some more.

      I need to watch it again – I’m compiling a list of the songs used in the sessions and movie. Anime Guide #2 has the list, but the names of some of the songs are wrong (I think this was compiled before the songs were named).

      • Corny

        Yeah… Faye’s standard clothing was a bit over the top for me as well. In “Ballad of Fallen Angels”, she wears a rather classy dress – and she looks much more attractive to me in that.
        Nothing against her character, though. Her character is very well thought out in my opinion, noticable e.g. when Spike leaves for the last battle in “Sympathy for the Devil” – she seems like a completely different person because she stops acting and shows how she feels in this rare moment.

        • Yeah, she did have her moments, and I did like that dress. 😀

          She had a beautiful dress in My Funny Valentine during the flashback sequence. She looked adorable in that, but then, that’s before her personality took a turn towards the toxic.

          She’d come up with a moment and in the beginning I was mostly “oh come off it” but over time I opened up and saw that yeah, those moments were real. LOL.

          The character WAS well thought out, very well written too. Bummer we didn’t get to see more of what she would be like now that she has her memories back.

  • pureblood-3

    Hey Sandor,
    That’s exactly what I originally thought about Faye, but by the end I really loved her character, because although at first she appears to be nothing but a ditsy fan-service girl who’s kinda in love with the main bloke, she can carry her own story really well and actually has a pretty damn believeable personality when you get down to it. For me that’s why Bebop exceeds all other animes, because it doesn’t play in to those stupid stereotypes where the fan-service is out in full, er, swing every week. In some episodes Faye is deliberately supposed to not look like she’s trying too hard, like when she’s chatting up the wrong Decker, and lounging in the sun looking all shiny and plastic (at least IMO anyway). Her character is really redeemed by Speak Like A Child.

    I hope you’re wife’s enjoying the series too btw 🙂

  • pureblood-3

    Oh crap. That’s meant to be “Faye is deliberately suppose to look like she’s trying to hard”. That’s what I get for not reading my posts back through.

  • Corny

    Might be a bit random, but is there a clue where the people of the Bebop are sleeping or store their personal belongings?
    The only rooms in the Bebop that come to my mind are the Toilet, the Bathroom/Shower, the living room, the kitchen, the room where Jet keeps his bonsais (or is that the kitchen?), the cockpit and the store room (where the fridge with the lobster is/was).
    When Jet looks at photos, he does that in the bonsai room, so maybe he keeps his stuff there – makes sense since he’s pretty much occupying the whole room with the bonsais.

    • I’m pretty sure the room with the bonsai is Jet’s quarters. He has a bunch of bins on the floor opposite the bonsai that he sits on when pruning them. Sometimes you can see what looks like his bunk, swung up out of the way against the wall. That’s my guess.

      We caught a glimpse of Faye’s quarters in Hard Luck Woman too, big enough for the bunk, tv/vcr and a pile of clothes.

      We never did see Spike’s quarters. I’m assuming he had one and didn’t just sleep on the couch, but that’s just an assumption. I suppose he could have just kept his coats and other clothes in one of the storage rooms, but I really don’t think so.

      No clue if Ed had her own quarters, since she pretty much slept wherever and always had that tomato box computer with her always.

      • Corny

        Thank you! I didn’t remember the scene in Hard Luck Woman, I’m currently watching the series it again and didn’t get further than Speak Like a Child.
        I also think Spike has a bunk – it would be pretty weird if Jet and Faye had one and he didn’t. Maybe it would’ve been bad for the storytelling to show his bunk? Because of all the memorabilia that should be revealed later?

  • Yeah, that’s hard to say WHAT would be in his quarters.

    There’s no telling what he owned while he was in the syndicate, and while I think he planned his escape, I don’t think he was able to take much with him except for some clothes, his gun, some knives, maybe a few books and music discs. I don’t think he had anything with him beyond those things and the Swordfish. I’m guessing he was limited by the storage space in his speeder.

    I didn’t see any evidence at all in the show that would suggest that Spike was someone who wanted to have a lot of Things. He needed food, shelter, something to do and, I dare say, companionship.

    It didn’t sound to me like he had any plans beyond just getting out with Julia. She didn’t show, so he had to go it alone. Until he and Jet found each other, that is. 🙂

    • Corny

      Just watched The Real Folk Blues, Part I again and noticed that it shows Spike’s quarters after all. When Faye asks Jet where Spike is, Jet answers that he’s in his quarters (at least that’s what the German dub says) and you can see him cleaning his weapon there.
      Not that you see much of it, though =/

      • Ah! That’s interesting, the English subtitle says he’s in the work shop. I don’t remember what the English dub says.

        What does the German subtitle say?

        • Corny

          I don’t have the DVDs here atm, but I googled and took the first subtitle that came along ( – and it says “in der Werkstatt” (in the workshop). Could be that it was translated from the english version, though. But I guess the English dub/sub is taken directly from japanese anyway and the German one might not, so I trust the English one more – the room looks much more like a workshop than his quarters, anyway.

  • Whenever there is a question about which to believe, sub or dub, the sub always wins.

    I’m pretty sure whoever wrote the German dialog was translating from the Japanese. Translating and changing things to make the dubbed language’s actors’ voices match the mouth movements.

    I’ve taken some differences between the english dub and the subtitles, made the audio into sound files and played them to a sweet lady in Japan who would tell me which was correct. It’s always the subtitles.

    I VASTLY prefer the Japanese actors’ voices and performances so I pretty much stay with that. Add to that some of the changes they make to dialog in the dubs and I’m confirmed in my choice. 😀

    That said, I do tend to watch the movie dubbed. Except for one line of Spike’s that they didn’t include, while it’s quite different from the subtitles, I do like it. I can’t watch the series dubbed, but the movie I can. That strikes me as a bit weird. 😀

    • Corny

      I don’t understand Japanese and I don’t want to read the texts when I can hear them, so I watch them dubbed. In my favourite animes, the German dub is always ok or even (in my opinion) slightly superior to the English one, so I watch them in German. 🙂
      I finally have the DVDs here and the german subtitles indeed say “in der Werkstatt” (in the workshop) while the dub says “in seiner Kabine” (in his quarters).

  • Spikeface130

    What do you think about Pierrot Le Fou? I havent really heard your thoughts about it, and no one seems to talk about it.

    • OH man, that’s one of my favorite sessions!

      There are several that I keep watching independent of the rest of the series – Sympathy for the Devil, Waltz for Venus, Wild Horses and Pierrot le Fou.

      Yeah, that one. 😀 Spike doesn’t let an injury go unanswered if he can help it, plus he has supreme confidence in his abilities and instincts. Of course, if he wasn’t so thick (or was quicker on the draw), he’d have noted Tongpu’s terror of cats. If he had noted it he could have used it by fogging those animated cats at him in the theme park. Of course, sitting outside the situation, it’s easy for ME to say, right? 🙂

      Maybe I’m reading too much into his motivations here, but I would say too that he recognized a psychotic killer and aimed to stop him – come hell or high water – before he killed again.

      I don’t know if there was any deep symbolism in that session, but then, I wasn’t looking for any. I just enjoyed it for a cool story (and kickass digital animation).

      It was moody and atmospheric and creepy as hell. AND Bob was in it. 🙂 I loved Jet’s concern for Spike when he was talking to Bob. And I loved that Faye tried to protect him by trying to keep that note a secret and I LOVE that she actually tried to help him. That was HUGE! Faye, actually doing something for someone else! I thought Faye was freaking awesome (after she did her obnoxious bit with the tangerine peel on his head, that ticked me off, LOL).

      • Corny

        Nice that so many people like it. Tongpu kinda “ruins” the episode for me – I can get over the forcefield-shield, but not over the fact that he can fly/levitate/defy gravity and seems much more dangerous and near-invincible than Vicious.
        Of course, besides that, the episode is pretty awesome for me as well… but it’s a Cowboy Bebop episode *shrugs*

        • Yeah, it’s a Cowboy Bebop session/episode!! 😀 That by definition makes it awesome, even if it’s not among our favorites.

          Yeah, that levitation/flying bit bothered me too. He was armed to the teeth, so he got that stuff from somewhere. The force field thing seems to have been given to him from the experiments, judging from the flashback they showed, but the flying too? Advanced medical/scientific capabilities in the show for sure.

          I guess I shut off the ‘wtf’ part of my brain and just went with it. LOL. So much of the technology in the show seemed 20th century, but so much of it… wasn’t.

          The guy was an anomaly, a secret experiment. It’s pretty certain (well, to ME) that what they did to him was outside the known or mainstream of what’s possible. Very science fiction, Tongpu was. More so than the rest of the series, even including the mono carriers, terraformed planets and moons and hyperspace gates.

  • pureblood-3

    Just a few things I noticed about the movie + it being a dream (I DEFINITELY think it was all a dream):
    Notice how Spike just randomly starts asking around about beans, that entire sequence is dreamishly weird. Also, although someone must’ve got this before, the title “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” makes me think it’s post RFB since knocking on heaven’s door is when you’re very close to death. Just a few new things I picked up while watching this time around :).

    • It’s interesting – the movie’s name was ‘Tengoku no tobira’ which translates to “Heaven’s Door.” Nothing about Knockin’. So the full name of the movie translated to English is: Cowboy Bebop: Heaven’s Door. But were they talking about Spike or Vincent? Or both? Or neither? LOL. Not that it matters.

      But you’re right. Spike wandering around asking about ‘beans.’ I didn’t hear anything in either the sub OR the dub that would give any hint why he should be asking about beans or that anyone would even understand what he was talking about. That’s always bothered me.

      When they were researching Cherious Medical there were a lot of references to macadamia nuts. Not a bean, and that was after he was wandering around asking about beans.

      Yeah, I think it’s a dream too, and I didn’t catch that even though it bugged me. Good find! I like it, and I think we can add that to the ‘list of dream hints.’

    • Also, remember when Electra, Spike and Faye reach the Bebop with the antibodies and Faye says that she heard someone say that the “jacks were ready” and Spike knew that it was “jack o’ lanterns”? In the Japanese, there was no mention of “Jacks”. I listend for it twice – it wasn’t said and it wasn’t in the subtitles. One more?

      I say “add to the list of dream hints” because if it wasn’t, it was poorly written and I’m not willing to speculate that this is the case. 😀

      • pureblood-3

        I’ve always thought almost everything weird in that movie was referring to both Vincent and Spike. LOL Yeah I refuse to put it down to bad writing too. Some of the dialogue in the movie is just superb, at least in the dub (e.g, the whole part just before and after Spike brings the vase back to the Bebop), although I hate all the jokes about the start of the party XDD, there are too many to count and they’re ALL lame. But yeah :P.