Spike and Vicious: Equals?

Iconic image from Ballad of Fallen Angels

I get into THE most fascinating discussions on Cowboy Bebop message boards. In a thread on the Cowboy Bebop board on Adult Swim, a user named boondoggles brought up a fascinating possibility.

We were talking about Spike and Vicious being equally matched in skill, and I said […]

Poll: Live Action Bebop – would you see it?

The lack of progress on the planned live action Cowboy Bebop is discouraging to some (including me). I know opinion varies widely among the fandom on whether this is a good idea or not. I’m interested in what my visitors think. Please vote, and if you care to elaborate on what you think about having […]

Well, it was a fun thought, but maybe…

This little tidbit will probably be floating up to the top of the news feed on the left. I haven’t checked but it appears to be there in languages other than English. Keanu Reeves doesn’t sound optimistic about the live Action Cowboy Bebop movie.

From the sounds of this, the script has been re written […]

My grammar sux

If anyone’s been reading my fics, the posting’s headline will become immediately apparent.

What I’ve been doing is going through them and trying to fix the grammatical errors I made, especially on the earlier stories. Still finding typos too. Sigh.

Anyway, if anyone read them when they were first posted, then go back, you’ll […]

Spike: What motivates him?

Who Spike is

*Apologies – As an American, my only experience with Cowboy Bebop versions is the Remix with the English subtitles and the English dub. If anyone reading this has experience with other languages’ versions, please do let us know if anything’s different.*

Much has been written on the web about Spike and […]

The things you find while looking for other stuff…

Yeah, I’m still hunting for interviews I haven’t seen yet and I actually found one. When the movie was released, they did an interview, then a panel discussion, which I just found at Mania.com.

In here he answers the question about whether or not the movie is a dream in pure Watanabe-san fashion, and also […]

Hard Luck Woman: what about those eggs?

Chowing down on eggs

A question was asked on imdb.com’s “KaubĂ´i bibappu: Cowboy Bebop” (1998) message board asking about what the eggs might symbolise in the end of Hard Luck Woman. Ed’s father had a basket full of them, and even threw a couple at Spike and Jet. He later gave the basket full of […]

Cowboy Blues

This is another fic that went in a direction I didn’t originally intend. This is turning into a pattern that I can’t decide if it’s disturbing or not. I had an idea, wrote up a file with the plot points I wanted to cover, but as I typed, it went into another direction. As it […]

What the heck… “how is my site?”

When I installed the poll plugin, it came with a poll, “How is my site?” I hadn’t posted it, relying on it showing up as a random poll on the left sidebar, if a reader wanted to vote when it came up they could.

Maybe I should give everyone the opportunity to let me know […]

Cowboy Bebop on blu ray? Not sure what this means

UPDATE 2011-Jan-9: The link to the alleged Cowboy Bebop series on blu ray has been removed from amazon.com. Don’t know if the previous posting was a hoax or if it had been cancelled. The entry remains live on the Japanese amazon site though, so who knows? No extra information there either.

I keep searching amazon.com […]