Influences, part 1 of ?

I posted a while back that I wanted to check out Twin Peaks to see if I could see anything in there that might be an influence for Cowboy Bebop.

Looks like I’m really into seeing what could have influenced Cowboy Bebop – Shinichiro Watanabe did say he watched a lot of western movies, […]

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for being a day late and a few dollars short!

We’re still in the Holiday Season and I’d like to wish everyone a very happy, safe, healthy holiday with family and loved ones!

I celebrate Christmas, so for everyone, whether you celebrate it or not, Merry Christmas!

And a proactive Happy New Year […]

Cowboy Bebop song list – part 2 of 6

6. Sympathy for the Devil Digging My Potato (Spike’s dream, Wen performing) Don’t Bother None (instrumental) (Spike following Giraffe, and at hotel) Spokey Dorkey (alternate take) (Spike following Wen and Zebra) Meteor (Spike confronts Wen) Spokey Dorkey (alternate take) (Wen’s story flashback) Meteor (Wen’s story continued at warehouse) Spokey Dorkey (alternate take) (Explanation, cutting the […]

Cowboy Bebop song list – part 1 of 6

The anime guides list the music used in the sessions, but in some cases the song titles weren’t set at the time of printing of the guides (and only a few of the O.S.T.’s had been produced). I’m taking the anime guide list and verifying the information by watching the sessions.

There are a […]

Cartoon I just found – John & Yoko (Williams & Kanno)

It’s old, but I thought it was great and wanted to make sure you saw this: CulturePulp: Writings and Comics by Mike Russell.

Love it!

Enjoy. 🙂