Influences, part 1 of ?

I posted a while back that I wanted to check out Twin Peaks to see if I could see anything in there that might be an influence for Cowboy Bebop.

Looks like I’m really into seeing what could have influenced Cowboy Bebop – Shinichiro Watanabe did say he watched a lot of western movies, particularly American Westerns. Really? And did any of them have any identifiable influences in Cowboy Bebop?

I have no idea how many of these types of postings I’m going to be making. I guess when I see an influence, I’ll post. Right now I have 2.

Twin Peaks. A friend who was living in Japan when the show was on the air said it was ‘huge’ there. He told me there was one town that had two mountain peaks in the background that had a welcome sign with Bob, Twin Peaks’ serial killer, hitchhiking on it. I still laugh myself sick thinking about that.

Did Twin Peaks have any influence on Cowboy Bebop? I never read anywhere that anyone working on the show watched it or was a fan, but yeah, I think it looks like there was some influence. Many characters in that show talked about their dreams – Agent Dale Cooper made major decisions based on his dreams, which he would tell us in great detail. 😀 More than once you’ll hear various characters talk about feeling like they were in a dream or nightmare

Twin Peaks also had two men who used to be comrades – Mike and Bob – who were killers. Mike repented and even cut off his arm to remove a demonic tattoo he had on his shoulder to completely sever himself from his past and to start a new life. Bob on the other hand, was a killer, he liked killing and intended to continue killing. Bob also had long, white(ish) hair. Sound familiar? Mike, his name even rhymes with Spike. Influence or coincidence? Don’t know, but still interesting to think about.

A user named bronnt on’s Cowboy Bebop message board found another possible influence. Shane. Shane was a gunslinger who had sworn off that life and appeared to be wandering, not wanting to remain in those locales where he lived his gunslinging ways. That movie had an ending that’s been described as ‘enigmatic’ (in fact, that’s what the sleeve the movie was in when I got it from Netflix called it). I watched it. Yeah. It’s enigmatic. Shane is a very decent movie that had a kickass shootout in a saloon in the end. The last we see of him, one has to wonder.

I see bits of Mike and Shane in Spike and his situation.

I’m sure there are more, but this is what I’ve found or had reported to me so far. As I find more I will post to see what you all think. And of course if you know of any others, please let me know! This stuff fascinates me to no end.

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  • wanderlike

    It scares me that “Twin Peaks” would have influenced anything.

    Somehow, I could see it being a big deal in Japan. As this is the same culture that gave us “Paranoia Agent,” it’s not all that surprising. If British culture loves the zany, then I suppose it could also be said that Japanese culture indeed loves the surreal. I can’t say it’s equally loved here in the States.

    Not by me, anyway. I don’t get it. At all.

    As I found “Twin Peaks” too incoherent to watch for any length of time, I don’t have any real insights to offer as to parallels between it and “Cowboy Bebop.” I think of “Cowboy Bebop” as simply and obviously brilliant. “Twin Peaks” was the sort of series that was either complete gibberish or too brilliant to understand. Some pretentious movie critic would have to tell me which.

    Still, it’s interesting. I hadn’t heard this before. If it DID influence the anime, it really would make me look at things a lot differently.

  • [Edit: I read my comment the next day and saw that it was a mess, so I edited it]

    Twin Peaks was surreal, to be sure. Yeah, good word for it. 😀

    I just might post the question to Shinichiro Watanabe’s page on Facebook to see if he was thinking about it at all when making Cowboy Bebop.

  • wanderlike

    Come to think of it, since “Cowboy Bebop” is so different in terms of all anime, I suppose it would need different influences.

    I’m not saying using “Twin Peaks” as an influence is always a good idea. But I guess if you combine enough things together – even weird things – it can sometimes turn out good. I wouldn’t mind seeing more combinations like this in the future.

    Though it kind of makes you wonder what combined to make some of the horrible series…

    • I know.

      There’s no telling where an idea for something will come from. I have NO clue if anyone at Sunrise working on Cowboy Bebop was a fan of Twin Peaks, or even saw it. I just saw some similarities between a few things in Twin Peaks and some elements in Cowboy Bebop.

      I still hesitate to call myself a writer, but when writing my Cowboy Bebop fics, I find myself turning to tv shows and movies I watched, friends and even dreams I’ve had that I’ve used to come up with the stories, or even elements in the stories.

      I’m sure it happens all the time. I have friends who are writers, and they tell me they draw inspiration from what they’ve seen on tv and the movies as well as their real life experiences. I have to find the link to the interview, but I read that “Toys in the Attic” was inspired at least in part by someone’s helping a friend move and finding a refrigerator filled with God-only-knows-what (kind of like how mine gets now and then). It’s a common occurrence, comedienne Elayne Boosler had a bit about cleaning out her refrigerator and throwing out a brussels sprout. She thought “I never bought brussels sprouts. That’s when I realized that it USED to be a head of lettuce.” Some things are universal, like stuff left in a refrigerator. God knows WHAT it will evolve into. Perfect grist for a Cowboy Bebop session. 😀

      Stuff like that.

      Watanabe-san has come out and said that Spike’s story sessions were inspired by John Woo. Oh yeah, you can SO see it. I think I posted about it previously. Woo is one of his favorite directors, and his style has been used in at least Ballad of Fallen Angels. Thing of beauty. I have it in mind to hit Netflix and check out Woo’s movies, just to experience Watanabe-san’s influence.

      Twin Peaks – I love it and I hate it. David Lynch totally creeps me out, and it’s so soap opera with all the characters to keep track of, and the horrible things that happen (and OMG, the cliffhanger ending – the series was cancelled, so they never did resolve the end). But I don’t know, if they DID use that as an influence, it was the less creepy parts of it.

      This stuff just fascinates me. 😀 I’m dying to know if Twin Peaks was an influence at all. I’m still gathering my courage to post the question on his Facebook page. He posts there, maybe twice a year, maybe he’d see the question.

      • wanderlike

        The John Woo is absolutely there. In fact, I think it’s something of a “refined Woo.” The reason I think this is that Woo stuff tends to annoy me and be sort of overdone. I think “Bebop” landed it a little better with the use of superior music to set the mood in the action scenes, as well as less reliance on slow motion. Granted, slow motion has its place and all, but when a ten-minute scene only involves thirty seconds of action happenings, it gets to be overdone.

        I think if I were you, I’d post the question sooner rather than later. After all, why put off for tomorrow what you can do today? You might just get lucky.

        On a less pleasant note, the truth is that the series ended a solid decade ago. There really hasn’t been much new on the topic in some time now, which leads me to believe the hopes of any continuation or prequel goodness are pretty slim.

        While that may not be the worst news, what it means for Watanabe is that he’s still talking about a project he worked on all those years ago. And while I can’t say much he’s done since then has impressed me quite as much, I tend to think he’d want to avoid being remembered for one thing. It’s only a matter of time before someone asks about it and he says, “I don’t know. That was a long time ago. Let’s talk about something I did a little more recently.”

        It saddens me.

        • I’ve been thinking about it, and you know what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a John Woo movie. 😀 I can’t comment, but I think I will be firing up Netflix. Just to see them for myself. Yeah, ten minutes on thirty seconds’s worth of action IS a bit much. 😀

          This is terrible, I went to his Facebook page and started typing, then lost my nerve. What a dope. Maybe later, I’ll get a few drinks in me and see if the liquid courage helps. I don’t know if you’ve seen his page or the comment thread where he answers questions, but in case you haven’t, it’s here Shinichiro Watanabe’s Facebook posting and comment thread

          This comment of his pretty much says it all: “About a sequel to Samurai Shamploo or Cowboy Bebop :
          They will probably never exist. Mainly, because both story’s came to an end. It wouldn’t be logical. But well… you never know…”

          That tells me the answer is ‘no’ but it sounds like he’s not saying it’s impossible, or if he changes his mind sometime down the road. I can’t see it happening, but like he said, you never know. I don’t care if the story has an end or not. They ended THOSE stories, but who says they can’t just make more episodes with the occasional story arc like they do with some shows now? I’m continually arguing with myself. “I want more Bebop! They can tell NEW stories! Why couldn’t it have gone on longer?” Then “Nope, it was as long as it needed to be. Would new stories be as interesting?” Sigh.

          I know, I’m with you. While the passage of time has been good to Bebop, it WAS more than a decade ago. At what point will he get tired of talking about it (if he isn’t already)? Sigh.

          • wanderlike

            Hence, why it saddens me.

            I think it’s tough because it makes me examine myself, as well. It’s one thing for him to keep talking about a great series he was involved with, because that will always belong to him. On some level, I sort of wonder how much longer it’s something I should be thinking about, or if I’m going to even have anyone to discuss it with in the next few years.

            When I was in college a few years back, I could wax philosophical on the ending with any random person. It was very relevant, especially with the movie coming out around then. It was amazing.

            Nowadays, I feel like it’s lost a lot of relevance in modern anime culture. And this is a sad thing, because I don’t really feel like it’s been replaced by anything. It’s not like movies, where the last thing gets forgotten because the new movie that came out was so amazing. It’s like seeing a shooting star and just watching the sky for ten years with no sign on any more – eventually we just kind of forget the first star, even though we’re still bored.

            I’m still a fan of them throwing in “side stories.” The “gaiden” thing is all the rage these days. The beauty is that they could still involve all the central characters, too. And I’m inclined to think that they could even add a new layer to the series that changes the way they look at the way it ended.

            Or…26 episodes of side stories. They tell a meaningful story that ends up examining Spike’s views on living and such. And it ends with Spike standing up on the stairs at the end of the previous series, alive.


          • Well you know…

            There will always be new people just discovering Cowboy Bebop. For them it will be fresh and new and of course many of them will want to talk about it to anyone and everyone (just like us). Plus with word about the planned live action movie, it was in the ‘news’ again and people started thinking and talking about it again. That seems to be fading, so who knows, maybe some of the fan activity will too.

            I know that eventually, other things will catch my attention, maybe in a way that Cowboy Bebop has. For myself, I have always been obsessive, usually over a movie or TV show. It captures me and I live and breathe it. During the 80’s it was Miami Vice. I discovered that in its second season and was completely obsessed by it. That lasted until about a year after it was cancelled, but was quickly replaced by Quantum Leap. Then THAT show had all my thoughts. Then it was X Files, then Invisible Man. I rented the first DVD of the remix from Blockbuster a year and a half ago and paused Ballad of Fallen Angels to order the set from I’ve been going gangbusters on it ever since.

            Or…26 episodes of side stories. They tell a meaningful story that ends up examining Spike’s views on living and such.

            Oooo I love this. Yeah, that would work!

            And it ends with Spike standing up on the stairs at the end of the previous series, alive.

            I love this too. 😀

            Spike finishing off Vicious was such a mighty climax, it would be really hard to follow it up. I really wish they could have gone on though – I wanted to see what Faye would be like now that she has her memories back. I thought she was completely odious, but towards the end, she started growing. More human-like, you know?

            Oh well. Yeah, I’m wondering how much longer I’ll be this obsessed with Cowboy Bebop. I’m nowhere’s NEAR as emotional about it now as I used to be, and I’ve slowed down watching it. For the first six months I had the remix I watched the entire series at least once a week. Sometimes twice. Nowadays, not so much. I’m still working on getting the music list posted for all the sessions. The way things are going, it’s going to be a while. But then, I’m not watching it because I’m writing Cowboy Bebop fanfiction, so my time is still spent on Bebop even if I’m not actually watching it.

          • wanderlike

            That’s true. I suppose there will always be an incoming group. I’d say that “Cowboy Bebop” is essentially “required watching” when it comes to getting into anime. In it’s own way, it’s sort of the “Beatles” of anime. You’re just sort of expected to like it – if you don’t, people are going to give you weird looks about it.

            It’s sort of on my back burner right now. Admittedly, if I’d have had the yen to make a website or blog seven years ago, it probably would have been Bebop-related in some way. But it certainly deserves an occasional mention even now in my general nerd musings. I guess it’s the same way that I find ways to keep mentioning “Final Fantasy VII,” and I’m relatively sure that’s even more ancient. I think.

            New media definitely helps, I think. Assuming the movie comes out, there should be a nice influx of interest. Though I think excitement over the live action movie is cooling to the point that apathy may prevent it from being made even if the other roadblocks fade away.

            We shall see, I suppose.

            I was big into X-Files, too! I was also a fan of Invisible Man during its (brief) run. X-Files may have run too long…and Invisible Man too short.

            Side stories with a relevance to the main one that help us re-imagine the first series seem like a good way to go. Because irrelevant side stories will be over in 26 episodes without adding much. Not too bad, if we get more Bebop, but not the best. The way I see it, there are two good ways of doing things. Ideally, both would be nice.

            1) Side stories that flesh out the events during the gaps in the main series a bit more.

            2) An earlier look at things. I think it would be really nice to end with a forgotten conversation between Julia and Spike where she says something to the effect of, “You can’t go living for one person. Dying without me seems kind of stupid.” And the flash forward to the end of the series.

            Spike stands up and mutters something to the effect of, “Yeah. It was all a dream. Now it’s time to wake up…”

            And cue the long credit scroll… 🙂

  • “Weird looks” yeah! I say watch the first five sessions. If Ballad of Fallen Angels doesn’t grab one, then it’s best they just move along. I’m hearing from people who loved the show but didn’t like the movie! *jaw drop* Oh well, can’t please everyone, right?

    I’m thinking if they made more Bebop, do a ‘mythology’ series, you know, like X Files or Fringe. They sort of had that in the series we got, but that mythology was relating to Spike and his past (his “karma” according to director Watanabe in Session 0). I mean, yeah, they resolved that, but they just scratched the surface of what the whole story was. They told us JUST enough to explain the events in the sessions, but too many “why’s” were left unanswered in my opinion. But then, if they DID tell us everything, would the show still be as fascinating as it is now?

    On one level, I think it’s perfect as is. But like I said, I want to know more. Frankly, I’m making stuff up to fill in the blanks. I’m sure I’m not the only one doing this.

    I like your ideas on a continuation (or rather) new series. Both 1 and 2 are good, but even better would be a combination of the 2. I’d love to see something like that. Problem is, if they DID do that, then they can’t count on the existing fan base to be a built in audience. I have no way of knowing what the proportion is, but I would say at least half (if not more) of the fans don’t want more Bebop. They think it will cheapen it and won’t watch it. *shrug*

    Maybe I should put a poll on the blog – “If they made more Bebop, would you watch it?” Heheheh. It won’t be scientific, and I can guess what the majority of the answers would be, but it’ll be fun to ask the question.

    Total agreement about Invisible Man and X Files. My biggest problem with the X Files is they had like 5 different story arcs going – the greasy and Mulder’s sister, that black oil alien, then these other aliens, conspiracies, etc, that were all interesting on their own, but it looked like they tried to combine them all into a single conspiracy and it didn’t really make sense to me. Maybe I need to watch it again, it’s been years. One thing I ADORED is that Smoking Man turned out to be Mulder’s actual father. HA HA HA. I called that early on, but people said that would be stupid because they did that in Star Wars (pfft, as if Star Wars was the first or only story that pulled that).

    Yeah, Invisible Man, I just completely hate the SciFi channel (now *gag* SyFy) did to them. They were nearing the end of filming for season 2 and people were wondering what they should do. They were all from LA, but were living in San Diego, renting apartments. “Should we buy a house?” They told them “yes, it looks good, go ahead and buy if you like.” Then turned around and cancelled it. So now the people who bought homes are stuck with a house that they won’t be able to use because they have to move back to LA. Stupid network. IT’s even worse what they did to Farscape. They wrapped, and before even telling the cast and crew that they weren’t coming back, they just struck the sets. I guess the network didn’t want the fans to get wind of the cancellation or we’d raise a stink like we did when we found out (from one of the cast members) that Invisible Man was cancelled. Once the sets were struck, that’s it. GRRRR. SyFy killed GvsE, Invisible Man, screwed over Farscape (and its cast, crew and fans), then they turn into all that is crappy in stupid movies and wrestling.

    Heh, sorry for the rant. 😀

  • wanderlike

    I think a “mythology” series would be really cool. Maybe have a few different arcs as discussed by some of the remaining characters. It would be a nice way to refer back to some of the bit characters we really liked.

    Arc 1 – Some guy in the Syndicate discusses the friction between Spike and Viscious. Actually, it would be really cool to be a story told be Mao prior to his death. For an even cooler effect, it could be told to someone the same day he’s killed and kind of segues into that incident.

    Arc 2 – Some side bounty hunting goodness as narrated by the guy from “Big Shot.” After all their exploits, I’m betting the Bebop crew gained some notoriety. It could be cool.

    Arc 3 – Jett’s friend who’s still in the police force, or possibly their “odd job doctor friend” talk about Jett and Spike first meeting.

    The stories need to be meaningful or people won’t really care to watch. And yet, they can’t really step on the toes of the original series. It would have to be something where the episodes could be interspersed into the original 26 fairly seamlessly. That way, it would just feel like a big 52-episoder than two different series.

    But that’s just my idea.

    “X-Files” ran into two major problems, I think. The first is what you brought up – there were too many story arcs to really keep track. And there was no need to combine any of them, really. When Mulder’s sister became part of the alien conspiracy, I was pretty annoyed about it. Like, that was his own personal crusade and the ONE thing he really sought after that wasn’t related to the aliens. And then…nope.

    The second problem was that FOX kept throwing money at Chris Carter. And like Matt Groening, he couldn’t resist, even at the detriment of his own show. Making the show go so long made it go stale – when both Mulder and Scully left it was…troubling.

    Also, the Lone Gunmen didn’t need to die – that was stupid.

    SyFy is just a pile of problems. I was kind of baffled when the Wrestling showed up there, as I have no clue what part of their audience would want that. But they’re just one of those companies that continually make bad decisions in every way imaginable. Even if I could stomach 10% of their programming now, even their channel setup sucks. For some reason, when I turn it on, I can barely hear the shows. But then the commercials are really loud. Coupled with the fact that I only watch it at 2am, it’s always waking people up in the next room. Grrr.

    See? Ranting is fun. Haha.

  • Wow, awesome ideas! I like to think of that doctor talking about Spike during his days with the syndicate and maybe Bob (Jet’s friend in the ISSP) talking about Jet meeting Spike. In Gateway Shuffle, Jet says he’s contacting an old friend (Bob). I got the impression he hadn’t talked to the guy in a long time, or at least, Spike didn’t know about him before then. But by RFB, Bob knew Spike was Red Dragon. Jet had to have that figured out if Spike didn’t tell him, and he told Bob. Apparently this Bob guy can be trusted.

    Same with that doctor that Spike used as a source in Stray Dog Strut. He can be trusted too.

    X Files. I have SO many X Files stories. I am one of the people that ran the X Files forum on AOL while the show was on. Some of the producers, actors and crew used to come to chats after the episodes aired (not David or Gillian though). I was even friendly with someone from the network. INTERESTING stuff. One episode was uploaded to the network minutes before it was supposed to air. Believe me, bricks were shit that day (myself included – one of the editors was a friend and a special effects heavy episode took a LONG time to render and cut. He was IMing with me while it was uploading. That was terrifying). Yeah, I’d get IMs with “I’M IN HELL” or similar sentiments. A LOT of good people worked on that show and I loved them all.

    I don’t know if I can blame Chris Carter for wanting to continue. If he felt he had more story to tell… but I can see where one would think he was milking it. Once David Duchovny left it was a completely different show, but I did enjoy the freaked out looks Robert Patrick would get on his face with some of this stuff. But then, it did kind of deconstruct Scully – changed her from the skeptic to the believer. Maybe that’s the natural progression of the character. Heck, you don’t spend the years seeing what she’s seen and experienced and remain a skeptic. In that sense, her character’s evolution was totally believable.

    Yeah, killing the Lone Gunmen was a retarded move. Totally unnecessary, IMHO.

    Syfy. That network no longer exists to me. I used to watch that network when it first started (or when my cable company first started carrying it). it had some odd, new-age kind of stuff, but it was interesting. Then it took over GvsE from USA Network and renamed it Good vs Evil (because, you know, audiences are too stupid to know what GvsE meant). It sucked all the originality and quirkiness out of the show then cancelled it. It was replaced by Invisible Man. that lasted 2 years. I have my own theories about why that was cancelled and what happened the second season, *koff*bonniefuckinghammer*koff* From what I hear, she’s not in charge of SyFy any more, she’s been promoted. Figures. So much for having a channel for science fiction fans like it was SUPPOSED TO BE. I’d be embarrassed to even admit to watching anything on it, but I have to bite the bullet and admit to watching TNG on that network on Christmas Eve waiting for my friend to take me to the airport. sigh.

    Man, if you haven’t seen G vs E, see if it’s on hulu. The show was a RIOT! Completely hysterical, but really dark. I adored that and followed it around on USA Network when they kept changing its timeslot. Then it was gone then showed up on SciFi.

    All this reminds me that there is a lot to be said for quitting while you’re ahead. But there is also the thought that quitting too soon ain’t so good either. Sigh.

  • pureblood-3

    You guys make me feel so young :3. I was too young to watch X Files when it was out.

    I think Bebop is one of those classics that will never die out. It’s pretty much required watching for anyone who wants to even be considered an otaku, so there will always be people who know about it and love it and talk about it. Just because there’s no more coming out doesn’t mean that’s it, because like Spooks says there’s always going to be new people, or people revisiting it, plus everything about it has aged magnificently.

    I ordered a DVD from a few days ago and realized I ordered the Bebop boxset back in April 2010, which honestly surprised the crap out of me (yeah I don’t buy stuff from that often XD). But has it really been that long? I don’t think I’ve ever been this crazy about anything for so long after I’ve discovered it, especially a mere 26 episode season I watched in 4 days. My two other main “obsessions” that have been with me since I was about 12 are Harry Potter and Digimon, both of which had years worth of material to slowly get through, and had all my friends talking about them.

    I watched the end of Real Folk Blues yesterday and I still get chills from Spike and Vicious’ fight. When I first watched that last fight I remember making a vow to myself to never forget how I felt in that moment, so while the song Blue doesn’t make me burst into tears every time I listen to it now, I remember how strongly I felt when watching it for the first time and thank God for granting me that moment. Ok that might sound crazy, but I guess I’m just hopelessly sentimental lol.

    • Hopelessly sentimental is a GOOD thing! 🙂

      Yeah, that fight scene was the most terrifying thing I’d ever seen. I like action movies and tv shows, so I tend to see a lot of fights, but that one was just way too scary – especially that part where Vicious swings and Spike blocks the blade with the trigger guard on his gun. Brrrr. Plus, Spike face during that whole scene, ever since he got to the building. During his fight to Vicious, he was less and less recognizable, and when the two were fighting, I had a hard time even believing that was Spike – at least the Spike WE know and love. It was incredible. So THAT’S the beast. He was terrifying too.

      And I agree, Cowboy Bebop is pretty much required viewing if one aspires to otaku-hood. 😀 I saw a couple of sessions in 2001 and all I remembered were a few scenes from Honky Tonk Woman and what my friend said about the show and the characters (it was her DVD). I couldn’t get the image of Spike swallowing the cigarette out of my mind. The only thing that kept me from buying the DVDs was the price. I think it was %50 per DVD. Fat chance, I don’t have that kind of money. Thanks to the Remix I was able to get it in June 2009. I’ve been addicted ever since.

      And yeah, I’m in the same boat you are, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this crazy about anything for so long after I’ve discovered it, especially a mere 26 episode season I watched in 4 days.” Me neither!

      I didn’t think I’d ever get over my obsession with the original Battlestar Galactica. I sort of did, then it came out on DVD (the quality of my VHS recordings weren’t good). Got addicted all over again. Same for Miami Vice and Quantum Leap.

      But I still can’t let go of Cowboy Bebop and it’s been a year and a half. Either that or IT’S not letting go of ME. 😀

  • wanderlike

    I understand the very strong pull of Bebop. I wonder, however, if there are also other things tugging at you. The reason I’m curious is this. This blog is quite well-written. I enjoy coming here and reading what you say. Though, at times, I feel the Bebop focus is a bit too narrow. Basically, if you talked about many awesome things, I would have more to read and comment on.

    Have you considered writing about other things, as well, or are you strictly dedicated to Cowboy Bebop?

    That being said, I’m setting up links on my site. As soon as I have a few more, I shall post them. Yours will be among those links regardless, as I think people on the Internet would enjoy reading things you write. That is, if you don’t mind me linking you.

    • Well thanks so much for that! You’re very kind.

      I had another blog that this replaced, but it was more focused on politics. I know one reader/commenter here has seen it (ack, and thankfully doesn’t judge me because of it, lol). I’m sort of taking a sabbatical from politics as it exhausts me and i don’t think I have anything coherent, interesting or unique to add to the discussion.

      I AM however, thinking of putting up a blog in parallel with this one about writing fiction and my thoughts about doing that and movies or tv shows that excite me. While this particular blog is devoted to Cowboy Bebop because that’s been my obsession for the past year and a half, I can feel that I may be running out of things to say – I know I have to finish the music list in the sessions, and I will be finishing that – but beyond that, I’m not sure what I can add that won’t be repeating myself. But you never know though, right?

      I’ve had this domain for years and it’s just since I started blogging that I’ve done anything useful with it beyond just playing with web design. I would be honored if you would link to this site (and if you give me the link to your site I would be honored to add yours as a Friend of the Blog, this one and a new one I would set up.

      You know what? I think maybe I do have something to say about things that aren’t Cowboy Bebop and isn’t political in nature.

      It’ll be a few days (or a week), but i will put up a blog where I talk about other things (can’t promise that Bebop won’t impinge on things there. ).

      Thanks for the nudge, because I think that’s what I needed to get it done. I’ll post when it’s active. Just like the fics I’ve been writing, we’ll have to see what form it takes once it’s started.

  • wanderlike

    I’m glad to hear you’ve decided to write more!

    I think creativity is like that sometimes. I’ve seen way too many writers get stuck in a situation where they’re not using their full potential. (Nothing wrong with Bebop, of course, but without new material, you’re eventually bound to dead-end.) One of the best writers I’ve ever known wrote a fraternity newsletter once a month. I tried – without success – to convince him to use his talent for something more worthwhile. Alas, he’s now an accountant in some nothing job. I’m relatively sure he hasn’t written a complete sentence in three years.

    As far as politics, I can definitely understand. Anything with two sides where one has to be right means there’s going to be problems. I’d much rather use writing to show people a good time than convince them of anything. Like you, I’m afraid I don’t think I have much insight to add to politics these days – lots of people are already talking. Very loudly, might I add.

    It’s good to hear you’ve decided on some things to write about. Writing is like steam. It’s very powerful, but if you don’t vent it now and then, there are bound to be consequences. I’ve never heard anyone say, “I write way too much.”

    My site is here:

    I’ll start tossing up some links in the next few days. (I just redesigned the blog and did this neat little trick where I added about a hundred different new sections – it’s tiring. Haha.) If your new writing gets going, I’d love to add it to the list.

    As you may or may not know, my goal is to bring nerdery to the mainstream – I’m trying to assemble something of a “Nerd Empire.” Which I might actually call it. I like the sound of that… 🙂

    In any case, your Bebop musings, coupled with what else you might have to say about television shows or what-have-you, would be a nice addition.

    • *HAND SLAP TO FOREHEAD* I’m so sorry!! I completely forgot you were the better-left-unwritten guy. I LOVE your blog!! Damn senior moments (but I’m having senior months these days, heh). I haven’t been there in a while but I keep thinking I need to get over there. The link is going up as soon as I finish this comment. That will be a good reminder.

      I have wordpress in a new folder, but I don’t know what to call it yet. Once that’s decided I can get it started.

      Man, I remember a long time ago *koff*decades*koff* where I knew I really wanted to write stories and I’d try to come up with a story to write. Everything I came up with was a geeky fangirl ripoff of Lord of the Rings. It’s Cowboy Bebop and a nudge from Cronaz that got me thinking maybe I can write fan fiction. I’m REALLY pleased with what I’ve come up with so far (and I have another one that’s about 3/4 done). I’m loving it way too much, but I created some characters in these fics that I want to write about some more. And who knows what else?

      Fan Fiction has been great practice and I’m looking forward to branching out. I know what you mean about writing being like steam – when I started on the Bebop fics there was a blast of them that’s kind of settled into a steady stream. Well, I got so many of them out in the beginning because I wrote about events that I was interested in, then I was having a ball writing about these two guys getting to know each other and settling into a routine living with someone else. They’re pretty settled now, but I think I should come up with something that one of them does that throws the other a curveball. Should be interesting.

      A nerd empire. I am formally requesting citizenship in your empire. LOL It’s a very cool thing. Nothing like the joy of geeking out with people who get the references, you know?

    • Ok, it’s up. There’s a LOT of work to do on it, but for now it’s passable. What Blows My Skirt Up.

      The index page at needs a lot of work, but hey, it only has 2 links on it, one to this blog, one to the other. 😀 I’ll probably start posting to it for real tomorrow, beyond the ‘hello world’ thingie that’s up there now.

  • wanderlike

    That’s okay. I go by many names. I’m trying to cultivate a level of transparency that involves only my real name and web site, rather than lots of handles, since that seems to make it trickier. I’d rather be Matt, the Better Left Unwritten guy than Wanderlike, Wander, Boondoggles or Boon. It all gets too confusing after a while. Haha.

    I’m glad you’re letting off your writing steam. I personally used to exclusively write Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic, so you don’t have anything to apologize for. To me, your Lord of the Rings stuff was probably a work of art comparatively.

    I guess your new folder title would depend on how broad or narrow you want to be. You seem to have a knack for writings on visual media, like television and movies, but you may want to go more or less wide depending on what you’re really passionate about. There are times when I personally think I should go more narrow myself. I’m sort of a “nerd of all trades,” though, so I have to cover everything.

    The Nerd Empire concept is a little formative right now, but I’m getting some big plans for it. At the moment, it’s more of a loose Confederation of Nerds. I definitely see that it could become something bigger, though. I’d love to see a group of five to seven solid sites in different nerdy topics kind of working together to give people a nice little one-stop shop for geeking out. Who knows? With a little cross-promotion and such, it might even make some people some money. 🙂

    And yes, I love it when people get the references. It’s painful when they don’t. I like making an obscure reference in a room full of people. When one person laughs at it, I know the ONE person I want to hang out with for the night.

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