Cowboy Bebop song list – part 4 of 6

My Funny Valentine

Adieu (Memory Emily) (Faye talks to Ein) Piano Bar II (Whitney visits Faye) Myself (Faye and Whitney) “Ethnic” (eyecatch) No Money (Jet with Whitney) Bindy (Faye running with Whitney) Odd Ones (Spike chases Faye) Piano Bar I (Ein with eyebrows)

Black Dog Serenade

Space Noh (Udai and Talkan’s conversation) […]


It took a while, but here it is! Finally y’all get to meet Evangeline. I’ve been threatening you with her pretty much since I started writing these and now she’s here. 😀

I had a scene that was in my head that almost wound up in the Dribs ‘n’ Drabbles section of the fanfiction page, […]

Yusaku Matsuda is Spike

Yusaku Matsuda, aka Spike

Yeah, this again. I know some folks who I know from are probably tired of me beating this dead horse (in which case, I’ll understand if you skip this entry). The subject comes up in the Live Action movie board about how terrible people think Keanu would be as Spike, […]

Cowboy Bebop song list – part 3 of 6

11. Toys in the Attic None of the music in this session was released. Damn shame. Alien (title card) Space Noh (Used through the session) Cleaning Up (Spike confronts and gets rid of the fridge) Waltz of Flowers (tchaikovsky, not Kanno) (fridge floating in space)

12. Jupiter Jazz 1 Space Time (Elders’ chamber […]

Poll: If they made more Cowboy Bebop sessions, would you watch?

I have to ask. I’ve been having conversations with a few folks and we’re talking about what it would be like if they made more Cowboy Bebop.

I don’t expect it will EVER happen. But just for giggles, what if they did?

I think I know what the majority will say, but it will still […]