Just who WAS Julia, anyway?

Who IS this lady?

The series tells us almost nothing about her. Even the anime guides are mostly silent. The most we get about her is in Anime Guide #6:

Disappeared and went into hiding three years ago. to Vicious, she is an ex-lover; to Spike, she is a soul mate ultimately ripped from him […]

I think I’m thrown off imdb.com

I got involved in an unfortunate flame war on one of their boards (I didn’t start it, but I did lose my temper). They removed the thread and at least a couple of us got all our posts deleted.

It’s my fault I even got involved with those morons, who took a user’s signature […]

You may have noticed…

At the top of the page, a random header image is loaded that contains a character in Cowboy Bebop. I added a new one that’s part of a (partially) scuttled blog posting.

As many times as I’ve watched Cowboy Bebop, I had been noticing similarities between Spike and Vicious, mannerisms, postures, facial expressions. These two […]

Cowboy Bebop song list – part 6 of 6

Brain Scratch Chapter 23 (background music for Scratch ad) Telephone Shopping (commercial FUNK (ad for Brain Dream) (not released) Chapter 23 (Scratch music) The EGG and YOU (Spike and the others investigate) American Money (Big Shot’s last theme song) Funk ? (background music in toy store) Chapter 23 (Jet Brainwashed and the end)

Hard […]

Pretty much done with this topic, just one more…

Here I go again, belaboring a point. Beating the dead horse. Dammit horse, GET UP! I didn’t want to post about this again because I’m probably done with this particular subject, but I learned and saw something new and just want to share.

I will go so far as to say that most fans of […]

Oops! Pretty much done

Sorry, I accidentally published this one before I was ready. I posted it again, COMPLETE this time!

Sorry about that.

Cowboy Bebop song list – part 5 of 6

Wild Horses Don’t Bother None (Jet and Faye wait for their bounty head) Felt Tip Pen (Miles talks Spike’s ear off) Don’t Bother None (Spike in Doohan’s office, in thought) NY Rush (dogfight between Spike and pirates) Too Good Too Bad (shuttle emerges from hangar) Don’t Bother None (Spike and the others return safely to […]

Bebop Soul

I love this title. Bebop Soul.

The Bebop is a ship, a modified boat that at the time this story takes place housed two men. The soul of the ship is the people who call it home. They’re friends and partners who trust each other, but that’s not to say that friendship has never been […]

Now I think I know how Spike feels…

The supposedly broken music box starts to move… …and a nostalgic tune fills the air. I then happen to wake up from the dream. There is no such thing as a music box… …yet, there is a small music box nestled in my hand. And I awake from the dream again. As if I was […]

Cowboy Bebop movie. What’s going on?

There has been NOTHING posted since October in the way of news about the announced Cowboy Bebop live action movie. Some bloggers are saying it’s ‘dead’ or ‘cancelled.’ I say that’s premature, jumping to conclusions based on incomplete (read that, NO) information.

No news isn’t necessarily bad – or good – news in this case.