We have a forum!

It has been suggested in more than one place (here being one of them 🙂 ) that we should have a forum where folks can chat about Cowboy Bebop and other things that may be of interest.

We can talk about Cowboy Bebop there, or if the threads start going off topic, well that’s ok.


The movie on blu ray available for pre order

Now available

Here ya go! Finally! Pre-order the movie here. 🙂

It’ll be released on June 28, delivery estimate: July 1, 2011 – July 6, 2011.

NOW we just need the series to be released. I think it’s going to be, just don’t know when.


Watanabe san is ok!

I said I wasn’t going to post again about the status of anime and gamer personnel, but thought I would mention that Shinichiro Watanabe updated his facebook page posting about Yoko Kanno.

He’s ok.

It’s northern Japan , Honshu, that’s suffering from the destruction from the earthquake and tsunami, specifically the Miyagi prefecture where Yoko […]

Japan quake – Who’s ok in anime (so far)

Someone tweeted this link from Anime News Network. Check it often, it’s being updated with followups.

I won’t be posting on followups, I just want to make sure any of my readers who are not on twitter or are not searching the #anime hash tag see this.

Two names on the list I immediately recognize, […]

Prayers for Japan

A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake rocked northeast Japan late on Friday afternoon, setting a nuclear plant ablaze and unleashing a 10-metre tsunami that tossed ships inland and left at least 110 people dead. [quote from Australia’s ABC News]

The news coming out of the country is grim and the west coast of North America are at […]

Spike and Faye – made for each other?

Made for each other?

There are parallels between Spike and Jet that I wrote about previously in Spike and Jet – Parallels. There are also parallels between Spike and Faye which I think are equally compelling:

Faye was revived from cryosleep three years ago. Spike escaped from the syndicate three years ago. Both started a […]

Ed Sings!

Sweet, crazy little Ed

I heard Aoi Tada was a singer, but hadn’t heard her until now.

Search for her on youtube and you’ll find gems like this: Brave Song that is the ending song to the anime Angel Beats. I haven’t seen it, that’s what the uploader says.

She has a darling, demented Edward […]

Who’s the true samurai?

Only a true samurai…

Foreshadowing is a wonderful thing. Often not recognised until much later, the discovery of this foreshadowing adds extra delight in the viewer upon its realization.

Of course, Cowboy Bebop made use of foreshadowing, the most obvious being from the shot I’m using as the iconic picture for this posting. “Honky Tonk […]