Prayers for Japan

A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake rocked northeast Japan late on Friday afternoon, setting a nuclear plant ablaze and unleashing a 10-metre tsunami that tossed ships inland and left at least 110 people dead. [quote from Australia’s ABC News]

The news coming out of the country is grim and the west coast of North America are at this time bracing for possible tsunami resulting from this record quake.

My love, thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and everyone in the path of the possible tsunami!!

In addition, I also pray for the health, safety and welfare of Hajme Yatate and their friends and loved ones.

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  • pureblood-3

    It wasn’t a nuclear plant that was on fire, it was an oil refinery I think. Love and prayers indeed to all the Japanese people, I can only thank God that my aunt wasn’t affected, although my cousin felt the tremors in Tokyo. Thanks for posting this, Spooks :).

  • Yeah, it WAS a refinery. That was the opening paragraph of the news report. I’ve been glued to the news, and I’ve heard from friends who live there and thank God they’re ok! I have a good friend who is a Marine who is stationed there until he rotates home in June and heard he’s ok too.

    Glad to hear your aunt is ok!!

  • Spikeface130

    This earthquake really has me scared, not for my well being, but for the people for Japan. I have never really felt that way about any situation in a foreign country before. Sure I wanted to pray for the people in Haiti when the earthquake happened over there, but for some reason I wasnt scared. It just hit me on how big this earthquake really is.

    • I know! It’s like 9-11 for me. Shocking, horrible. Something that friends who live there are reminding me of is, the effects of the disaster are in a portion of northeast Japan. The rest of the country is relatively unaffected. They’ve been getting a lot of strong earthquakes, some of them too near the Tokyo area for my own comfort, but the frequency has slowed down considerably.

      I really think the press is exaggerating the nuclear threat. Reading the foreign press accounts and the Japanese accounts, it’s like reading about two different events. Fear sells newspapers, AND it generates page views. A friend in Tokyo is getting annoyed by the alarmist accounts that the foreign press is spreading.

      Yeah, that earthquake was unimaginably huge, and the tsunami was devastating. But Japan is hyperprepared for these types of events, and everything they have set in place worked like clockwork. Right now, the folks in the Sendai area need shelter, warmth, food and information and the government is working hard to get them what they need. Plus the culture is such that they not only take care of each other, but they take care of themselves. They’re homes were messed up, they clean it up and don’t ask for help. If anything, Japan is slow to ask for outside help, because they’re used to taking care of themselves and each other.

      I’ve had enormous respect for the Japanese, and that’s grown immeasurably since this past Friday.

      I know, it hit me really hard too. I’m learning Japanese (I’m beginner to intermediate and I can read at a first grade level), so I’ve been hearing their voices and almost feel like they’re family. I was relieved that my friends there are ok, and the folks involved with Cowboy Bebop have been slowly checking in so we can verify they’re ok too.

      I’m praying and contributing what I can to relief efforts. I know China and the US and other countries have a presence there to help out, so I think they are in good hands.

      Haiti was hard for me too. I have quite a few friends from Haiti (I live in Central Florida, not far from there) and it was awful watching what happened there. And what’s still happening there. They don’t have the infrastructure, building design and culture that Japan has, so the folks there are much worse off. There isn’t much we can do but pray and contribute to humanitarian relief.

      Maybe it’s me, but I’m feeling guilt that I’m comfortable in my own house with electric, internet and running water. Sigh.

      • Spikeface130

        You know some Japanese? I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time, what program do you use?

        • Oh man. This is no doubt more than what you were asking for. LOL. Nihongo/Japanese is blowing my skirt up BIG time and I’m really into it! I’ll show you what I’m using. 🙂 I’m actually using a combination of things.

          I’m primarily using the Pimsleur approach for the basics; listening and speaking. This has you speaking and understanding sentences right from the first lesson, so you can get by in social situations you may find yourself in. There are three units of 30 half hour lessons. It’s on CD, so you can load it on your iPod or the CD player in the car. I’m 10 lessons in on unit 3 at this writing. I found a site that has a pdf file of the lessons, if you’re interested in using Pimsleur, I can send it to you. I printed it out and put the pages for each unit in their own folder with a tab to hold 3 hole paper printout (colors blue, yellow and green – guess who’s colors? 😀 ). It’s much cheaper than Rosetta Stone and I think it’s very effective.

          There are tons of web sites out there to help learn Japanese too. has a section that’s free – accessible are the Kantan Kana videos where a lovely young lady shows you how to write in hiragana and katakana, two of the syllabaries used to write the language. You’ll want to learn these.

          Also, there is Human Japanese with a version for PC, Macintosh, iPhone, iPod (and maybe other platforms as well), which is very good! This is a great adjunct to Pimsleur, and quite a bit cheaper. I am wildly enthusiastic about this, ’cause while Pimsleur teaches you some of the conjugations, Human Japanese explains and expands on it. This also has chapters that teach kana – after they get through the kana, the Japanese sentences are all written in kana, which I like. Gets you used to reading it.

          Japanese isn’t hard. The grammar does things MUCH differently from western languages, but the rules are easily and quickly picked up. And don’t let the kana or kanji scare you either. It’s spelling. Want to know how they spell words in Japanese? They use a character rather than a gawdawful collection of letters – I mean neighbor? Daughter? Who came up with that?

          It can be difficult if you want to use anime to practice listening to Japanese. There are three levels of politeness – informal, polite and formal. Pretty much every program or method you use will teach you the polite form (and there isn’t THAT huge a difference between them, and they’re easily spotted). The language they use in Cowboy Bebop (and even Samurai Champloo) is informal to rude. A good anime to watch while learning Japanese is Twelve Kingdoms. They’re mostly being polite, and to the beginner, it’s easier to understand.

          I don’t know if you’re interested in learning to read it or just understand and speak it. I want to read it too, so I’m doing other things as well. I’m still trying to build my vocabulary, and at some point in the near future, I want to log into one of the web sites I signed up for to actual speak live with a Japanese person. Gotta practice, right? 🙂

          There is a LOT out there to help, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t found it all, but I know where quite a bit of it is if you want to know.

          Frankly, I’m completely geeking out about it. 😀

          Hope you do decide to pursue it. It’s rewarding, and after a while, you’ll be able to watch anime in the original language, free of dubs and subtitles. Plus that feeling of accomplishment from being able to communicate with human beings who speak a different language can’t be beat. 🙂

  • pureblood-3

    Yoko Kanno posted a song for the quake victims. It’s beautiful, nearly brought me to tears. <3

    • Thanks for that! Lyrics translated into French and English (MUCH appreciated).

      That was followed up with another release having drawings of Japanese faces over the music. I see it’s been uploaded to youtube too.

      Yeah, misty-eyed over here too. Sigh.