We have a forum!

It has been suggested in more than one place (here being one of them 🙂 ) that we should have a forum where folks can chat about Cowboy Bebop and other things that may be of interest.

We can talk about Cowboy Bebop there, or if the threads start going off topic, well that’s ok.

It’s still a work in progress and I’ll try to get things classified so we can find things easily.

There is a link on the right, and a link here. I’ll try to find a better place to put the link to make it easier to find, but for now, this should do. 🙂

EDIT: there is now a tab at the top left corner that says “FORUM” that will take you right there. Also, registration for the forum is separate from registering to comment on the blog. You don’t need to register for the blog in order to register for the forum (and vice versa).

4 comments to We have a forum!

  • Spikeface130

    As Mr.Burns from The Simpsons would say
    Excellent! Glad this is up now, just signed up.

  • Corny

    What about putting the link in the upper left? You know, where Home, About etc. is?

    • That’s kind of my plan. I MAY have a way to do that (those tabs link to pages on the blog). I’m wondering if I put a page with redirect html to take you right to the forum if that would work. Gonna try it.

      If the redirect works, then awesome! If not, then I have to find another way. 🙂

    • HEY IT WORKS!! I just put the code in the page, and if you click on the ‘Forum’ tab, it will automatically take you there.

      SAWEEEET! 😀