I wasn’t going to do it, but Bunnycritters’ comments on Bebop Soul gave me the idea that maybe we SHOULD think about what comes next. The guys have some things they need to deal with, and what about the Bebop?

I thought about it and this is the result. Thanks, Bunnycritters!

I kept rewriting things, […]

Cowboy Bebop English Dub actors coming to Florida

Any Cowboy Bebop fans in the Central Florida area in the coming months?

There will be a series of anime conventions where the English speaking voice cast will be appearing. You can read all about it here

Should be an exciting experience. Too bad they won’t be all together in one place, but […]

Orson Scott Card writes about Cowboy Bebop!

My google news alert emailed me about a new Cowboy Bebop article. It was an Anime News Network article about an Orson Scott Card column in the Greensboro Times. It’s a good one! In case anyone missed it, here’s the link:

Good stuff!