Steve Blum… SPIKE!!

Everyone here pretty much knows I watch Cowboy Bebop (and all my anime) in the original Japanese. I’ve seen the series dubbed, and I do like the dubbed version of the movie though, so I’m not unfamiliar with the American voices that performed the English dub of Cowboy Bebop.

Steve Blum was in town for […]


A few words about Michelle. The main guest character is an actual person and a very close friend of mine. Ninety-nine percent of the information about this character is true of the real life lady as well. My thanks, Michelle, for letting me use you for one of my stories. 🙂

This one took a […]

The Crow?

How ABOUT that crow?

Addng spoiler space to the top of this posting because it gets posted places where it may be seen by people who haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop (previously the postings weren’t).

This posting contains spoilers of epic proportions.

Is this enough spoiler space?

I’m probably being ridiculous about it.

Do […]

Cowboy Bebop PS2 game video on youtube!

There was a Cowboy Bebop game released in Japan for the Playstation 2. I’m hearing it was supposed to be released elsewhere – North America included – but those plans were cancelled.

Someone who has played the game created a series of videos that were fansubbed and uploaded to youtube, check them out! […]