Live Action Movie: How to make it happen

Ok, so I’m trying to come up with a story for the new fic I’ve started with little success. I keep thinking about Akahashi Jin as Spike, which got me thinking about the Cowboy Bebop live action movie and I think I have a potential solution.

What do you think about this?

Don’t call the […]

Pic of Spike with fake eye

Thanks so much to vettac for identifying this young man as Jin Akanishi, a Japanese singer.

I think he looks JUST like what Spike would look like in real life. One thing missing though, Spike’s fake eye. I did a little PhotoShop adjustment on his right eye and came up with something that’s maybe […]

Ok, this could be Spike…

Kind of my image of Spike

Apologies, the picture is too large to insert full size, and the dimensions that were offered for the insertion aren’t acceptable, but there you have it.

I think this guy could be Spike. I don’t know WHO he is or if he can act, but this guy is Spike.


Cowboy Bebop movie on blu ray: My thoughts

They finally released the movie on blu ray here in North America and my pre-ordered copy arrived Friday. Of course I had to watch it right away, you know? Did they change anything? What kind of extras would it have? Would I notice the difference between the DVD and the blu ray?

I got most […]

Cowboy Bebop movie on blu ray: Coming up…

I just got the movie on blu ray today and of course I had to watch it right away.

Coming up is my review of the blu ray movie. I have something I need to check first, but you’ll be hearing from me on this subject really soon.

Please stay tuned…