Sorry so quiet…

I haven’t found anything new to say about Cowboy Bebop in a little while. I don’t know if I’ve said everything that I have to say or if I just haven’t been watching it enough lately (that latter is probably it).

I have a fic started, but have NO idea what it’s going to be about so I can’t continue it, and that alone is driving me up the wall. I’m happiest when writing Cowboy Bebop fan fiction, but I’ve hit a dry spell (everyone, cry with me).

As much as I’m still madly in love with Cowboy Bebop and as much as Spike is still my baby, I had to go and get addicted to Death Note. Yeah. I’m a complete Matsuda fangirl. LOL – yeah, the idiot who’s always getting yelled at is such a puppy I can’t stand it. Nothing like a character to bring out my maternal instincts to hook me on a show. The fact that it’s SO well written and directed (and drawn), and has some of the most awesome music and voice talent on the Japanese side (haven’t listened to it dubbed yet), means I can’t leave it alone.

Still, I really want to finish this fic and write more – there are plenty of stories out there to finish off the two (three?) years Spike and Jet have been together before the events in Asteroid Blues. I’m contemplating writing another ‘coda’ to the series – I’ve addressed all the characters in the aftermath of Real Folk Blues except Faye. I hope to get that one written before too long, as it’s bound to be a short one like the other followups.

Some info on the administrative side, I expect I’ll be adding some more links sometime in the next few days. They’ll no doubt be Trigun and Death Note related. Probably what I can do is change the Champloo category to “Other Anime I Love” or something like that. That should be fun. 😀

Long story short, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted, but I’m still here, I’m still madly in love with Cowboy Bebop and my readers.

2 comments to Sorry so quiet…

  • QuixoticEarthling

    Hi. I found your site wandering the net ways. Im currently running an RPG set in the Bebop universe and am looking in to expanding the info for the game. This includes a lot of general information like planet industries and stuff, but also a lot of fictional info like Syndicates and their numbers, to the Gate Corp. and beyond. The game hasn’t progressed past Mars but we’re having a real fun time playing in that realm. Its consistently amusing and action-filled. The site you can go to find the game on that is public is Obsidian Portal, where a ton of geeks post there games: My Bebop game is called A Series of Unfortunate Encounters. Type that into the search and you should find it.

    I read your fiction on the Io incident concerning Jet and Spike meeting. I really enjoyed it. Short and fun. I look forward to reading more from you. Thanks!

  • Hey thanks. 😉 That sounds like fun, that game, good luck with it.