We ARE our pasts.

I found a link today that made me happy, an article about one of my favorite movies, the John Frankenheimer-directed Seconds.

I provided the link above in case anyone else has seen the movie and is interested in reading a very cool article about it. If you HAVEN’T seen it, I think you want to. It’s… bizarre. “Haunting” is another very good adjective for this film staring Rock Hudson. For Star Trek geeks like me, it also has Salome Jens, who played the female shape shifter in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 during the Dominion War story arc.

What does this have to do with Cowboy Bebop you ask? I will refer the reader to the final paragraph to the article, which I will quote here where Mr. Frankenheimer makes statements very similar to what I’ve been saying about a recurring theme in Cowboy Bebop.

Despite Seconds’ commercial failure, it remained one that Frankenheimer was particularly proud of. “This picture means a lot to me for many reasons,” he once said. “One of the reasons it means so much to me is that this movie says something that I firmly believe in. That, in life, you are the result of your experiences. The result of your past. Your past makes you what you are today. [emphasis mine] If you take away your past, you don’t exist as a person. And that’s what he tried to do, and that’s why it doesn’t work. And by your past I mean your mistakes as well as your triumphs, whatever they are.”

I love being in such good company, and I’m all but convinced that this theme is a good part of what drew me to both Seconds and Bebop.

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