Playing with the “look”

I upgraded wordpress to the latest version and noticed in my last posting that it was not displaying hyperlinks in the posts.

I’m trying to fix that but don’t want to change the appearance of the blog (I kind of like how it is now). Unfortunately, upgrading to a newer version of this theme is […]

Literary reasons why Spike lived

Thanks to Pureblood-3 for showing me this!

This particular blogger has other reasons to believe Spike survived Real Folk Blues that I hadn’t thought of. This person makes a very good case I think and I enjoyed the posting very much. Check out Cowboy Bebop vs. Ernest Hemingway; Harry dies, Spike Lives.

EDIT: New […]

Ok, that was actually painless

Well, MOSTLY painless…

It didn’t take that long to get everything uploaded, then ran a script and ‘bang’ it’s done. xD

I wasn’t expecting it to be done this soon, and I WAS expecting it to take much longer, but what do I know, right?

Exploring the new wordpress…

Blog upgrade coming.

It’s been a long time since I’ve upgraded the software (and heck, the blog too. Sorry) and I think it’s about that time. I haven’t been able to do the automatic upgrades because of permissions errors and I don’t know why, so I have to do it manually – unzip the software, copy the pieces […]