Playing with the “look”

I upgraded wordpress to the latest version and noticed in my last posting that it was not displaying hyperlinks in the posts.

I’m trying to fix that but don’t want to change the appearance of the blog (I kind of like how it is now). Unfortunately, upgrading to a newer version of this theme is not working out – it’s not reading the settings and is ugly as sin. Doesn’t even look like the preview says it’s going to look.

There may be a change of appearance anyway if I’m going to fix the hyperlink erasure issue in posts. Sorry about that.

If you visit the place and it looks weird, that’s why. I’m trying to update the theme and make it look pretty and WORK like it did before.

It’s been reverted back to its original appearance. If you click on a posting and there is no hyperlink to another page like there is supposed to be, please leave a comment and I will provide you with the url. At least until I can get this working again.

Apologies. 🙁

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