Cowboy Bebop FINALLY to be released on blu ray

This time it looks to be true! There’s even a date: December 21, 2012. The only thing is though, it looks to be Japan only at this point, hopefully the rest of the world to follow.

Full story here: It’s in Japanese, so you may want to run it through a translator to get the gist of it.

Getting close! I just hope a North American release of the series doesn’t muck up the subtitles like they did with the movie’s blu ray. Just sayin’…

2 comments to Cowboy Bebop FINALLY to be released on blu ray

  • Corny

    Hooray! I wonder how much time it takes until it arrives in Europe.
    Or, if it arrives in Europe :/

    • I know! I wonder too how they’re going to be priced. I can’t see too many people shelling out hundreds of dollars or euros or whatever currency they are using to buy it. I wouldn’t – don’t have it. :

      It could be up to a year before we know about overseas distribution. Sigh.