Cowboy Bebop live action movie “Still Alive!”

Howdy howdy howdy! Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog as of late. Haven’t had much to say (about pretty much everything, turns out). I am still trying to get that fic I started last year finished. I have an idea for the next one but not till I finish this one. Sure hope it’s worth the wait. 🙂

My google alert came through for me this evening when it brought me this article about some of the talent from Sunrise Studios at the NYC Comic Con with news about the Cowboy Bebop live action movie.

There’s other news of interest in there as well, especially if you are fans of Tiger & Bunny and Accel World (which I am).

Well, I think this is good news. Personally, I’m hoping a Japanese production company will pick it up and run with it. But your mileage may vary. What do you think? Have you given up on a live action movie? Don’t want one? Let me know in the comments.

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