What Spike’s Body Language Says

There is a web site I frequent that’s VERY GOOD if you want to learn about Japan. There is a posting they made about Japanese body language – how to express a thought or idea using gestures and body language (much like in the Western world – USA specifically – one would put tip of thumb to nose and perhaps wiggle outstretched fingers meaning “kiss my hinder” or something similar). I found one that reminded me so much of Spike I had to share it!

Sadly, I was unable to both add an illustration of Spike and embed the video in the same posting, but I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize it. I laughed, ’cause it DOES fit!

2 comments to What Spike’s Body Language Says

  • Corny

    Ah yeah, of course!
    Also the reason why I liked Shun Akiyama in Yakuza 4 so much. He runs around in a suit, but mostly relaxed, hands in his pockets… instantly reminded me of Spike!

    • Oh, I love ANYTHING that reminds me of Spike! LOL

      Yeah, I can’t see a guy, hands in pockets, cig hanging out of his mouth without thinking of him. Iconic, no? 🙂