Cowboy Bebop Live Action: Intriguing News…

I have google news alerts set up searching for news about a live action movie for Cowboy Bebop and nothing’s shown up in maybe a year.

Then I see a message board posting stating that Kristopher Van Varenberg (son of Jean Claude Van Damme) has been hired as Spike for the live action movie. I found his Facebook page and no he has NOT been cast as Spike, but he’s lobbying to be cast. He had some pictures taken, in costume and in iconic Spike poses, check it out:

On March 13 he posted that he was “going in for the live action.” Check his photo albums, I think he LOOKS pretty good, and he does have a strong martial arts background too, so he COULD pull off the moves.

I’d be very interested in hearing what you guys think. 🙂

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