I think it’s time to blow this scene. Get everybody and the stuff together. Ok three two one let’s jam!

I keep fiddling with this page – I have yet to find verbiage that I’m happy with. Sigh.

I first saw Cowboy Bebop on a plane from Albany NY to San Diego CA back in February of 2001 when a friend I was traveling with brought it so we could watch it. It was only the first DVD, but I was hooked. Over the years, I intended to buy the series, but the individual DVDs were hideously expensive.

Then the remix came out – entire series in one affordable package (with 5.1 audio, it’s perfect). I found it on Blockbuster and watched the first DVD again, then bought the remix. This was July 2009 and I haven’t stopped watching it since.

Turns out I have a lot to say about it, and I really DO want to talk about it. There are several blogs out there where people post their analysis of the show and the characters that are very beautifully written, but I disagree with their conclusions. I haven’t seen any blogs out there (yet) that have a similar point of view as mine, so I thought maybe it’s time for another side in the discussion of the show and Spike’s ultimate fate to be heard on its own blog.

I don’t know everything. My ideas that I post about what I saw aren’t always fully formed. I’m hoping readers who comment can offer their perspectives (whether they agree or not) and tell me what THEY think. So many people out there are smarter than I am, have different experiences and have great ideas, and I hope to see them posted here.

I want to encourage people to watch the show, but at the same time, I discourage them from reading too much of what’s on the web until after they’ve seen the show a couple of times. Most of what I’m reading that people are posting as facts are nothing more than their own opinions about what they saw. Watch the show with an open mind and see what YOU get out of it. Same goes for what you see here. I write about what I see on the screen. When I’m making an interpretation, stating my opinion or reaching a conclusion, I am going to try to be clear that I’m stating it as such. We are all free to differ and I don’t know if there IS any right answer in most cases.

Hopefully you’ll want to talk about it too, but be warned, my opinions based on what I saw in the show are somewhat unconventional, based on what I’m seeing on other blogs and written in message boards. Over time I became convinced that the end of Cowboy Bebop was ambiguous, but from the first time I saw it, I was positive that Spike survived Real Folk Blues part 2, and all of my writings reflect that. 🙂

This site contains massive spoilers. We’re talking biblical proportions here. I really hope nobody gets prematurely spoiled, but then again, if it protects them from a false certainty of an overly depressing end to Cowboy Bebop, then maybe spoilage is a good thing.

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See you space cowboy…