I think I’m thrown off imdb.com

I got involved in an unfortunate flame war on one of their boards (I didn’t start it, but I did lose my temper). They removed the thread and at least a couple of us got all our posts deleted.

It’s my fault I even got involved with those morons, who took a user’s signature […]

New link category

On one of the message boards I hang out on it was asked why there wasn’t more Cowboy Bebop fanfiction.

It looks like there’s quite a bit out there and as a service to my readers, I’m adding a link category for it – in case someone wants to read them, they can find them.


Poll: Spike’s ethnicity

There is a new widget on the left that will display a random poll. One of them is this one, the other is a generic, pre-made poll that came with the plugin. I thought, what the heck….

Anyway, here is my first poll for this blog, what to you think is Spike’s ethnicity?

Should be […]

Sorry so quiet

Real life is biting my butt right now and haven’t had much of a chance to give that much thought to analysing Cowboy Bebop. I’m just a little mentally fried too (moreso than usual), and I’m hoping this three day weekend coming up will ease that a bit!

I am working on a new fic […]

Upgrading wordpress this afternoon

Just fair warning.

If you visit the site several hours from now (“now” being 4:40pm GMT) and things look weird, or empty, that’s just me upgrading wordpress.

Everything should go smoothly, but you never know. I’ll post a comment on this post as soon as it’s done.

Daily Texan Watanabe interview…

Looks like even cached pages eventually expire. http://www.dailytexanonline.com moved to a new server and the editor and web master both said that the page would be returning to the site, but it hasn’t yet.

I had linked to the cached page, but even that expired. Fortunately, in a flash of inspiration, I saved the cached […]

Fixed problem with fic page displays

For anyone reading my fics, I use a template that has blue around the outside with a grey text box in the middle. On the left, running up and down is a really pretty graphic. It wasn’t displaying on Firefox or Chrome (but did on Safari and IE).

Thanks to help from friends, I saved […]

New plugin should make life easier

Some of you may have noticed a new plugin I added last night. This is for those who arrive here from other sites, especially search engines.

Too often someone will enter search terms and click on the resulting link to this blog but the page it takes them to doesn’t reflect the posting that they […]

General cleanup in progress

I’ve been going back through some of the earliests posts here (I don’t recommend it, it’s kind of sad).

A couple of postings needed updating to clean up the parts where I thought Vicious committed suicide by Spike by hitting the floor with his blade instead of Spike. What he was doing was charging him, […]

Daily Texan Online link

I got a reply to my email to the editor asking for the whereabouts of the Shinichiro Watanabe interview that can no longer be accessed. I was told that they are moving to a new server but not all of their interviews and pages are currently available. They will be soon.

Maybe I’m the only […]