Faye Valentine sings

Hayashibara Megumi is a VERY decent singer (she’s really good!), which made Spike’s line to her at the end of Ballad of Fallen Angels (“Tone deaf”) even funnier.

Crunchyroll.com has an audio clip of her singing so we can hear for ourself. Listen to Hayashibara san sing here.

Lyrics are posted on the video if […]

Bandai’s Swordfish II model back in stock.

Bandai’s 1/72 scale Swordfish II is back in stock, available here. I ordered it, electing to have it delivered via FedEx and it got here in record time.

Spent several hours last night putting it together.

It’s very detailed. Lots of pieces. Lots of TINY pieces, so fingernails are very handy. It has several frames […]

Spike the enforcer – The Sopranos

The Sopranos. Not really off topic.

I haven’t seen the show in quite a while and missed quite a few of them, so I’m renting the blu rays from Netflix. I just now finished watching the second disc from season 2.

Italian mafia in New Jersey or Chinese syndicate on Mars, I’m betting there’s […]

Spike and Faye – made for each other?

Made for each other?

There are parallels between Spike and Jet that I wrote about previously in Spike and Jet – Parallels. There are also parallels between Spike and Faye which I think are equally compelling:

Faye was revived from cryosleep three years ago. Spike escaped from the syndicate three years ago. Both started a […]

Who’s the true samurai?

Only a true samurai…

Foreshadowing is a wonderful thing. Often not recognised until much later, the discovery of this foreshadowing adds extra delight in the viewer upon its realization.

Of course, Cowboy Bebop made use of foreshadowing, the most obvious being from the shot I’m using as the iconic picture for this posting. “Honky Tonk […]

Just who WAS Julia, anyway?

Who IS this lady?

The series tells us almost nothing about her. Even the anime guides are mostly silent. The most we get about her is in Anime Guide #6:

Disappeared and went into hiding three years ago. to Vicious, she is an ex-lover; to Spike, she is a soul mate ultimately ripped from him […]

You may have noticed…

At the top of the page, a random header image is loaded that contains a character in Cowboy Bebop. I added a new one that’s part of a (partially) scuttled blog posting.

As many times as I’ve watched Cowboy Bebop, I had been noticing similarities between Spike and Vicious, mannerisms, postures, facial expressions. These two […]

Sooo….. Where did Spike get the hair?

Spike, primping

Something that just occurred to me about Spike’s hair must be shared. I was going to post this to the imdb.com message boards, but I’ve already made a pain in the ass of myself about Spike’s ethnicity there, so I’ll post it here. I’m not sure anyone cares about this, but I gotta […]

Spike and Vicious: Equals?

Iconic image from Ballad of Fallen Angels

I get into THE most fascinating discussions on Cowboy Bebop message boards. In a thread on the Cowboy Bebop board on Adult Swim, a user named boondoggles brought up a fascinating possibility.

We were talking about Spike and Vicious being equally matched in skill, and I said […]

Well, it was a fun thought, but maybe…

This little tidbit will probably be floating up to the top of the news feed on the left. I haven’t checked but it appears to be there in languages other than English. Keanu Reeves doesn’t sound optimistic about the live Action Cowboy Bebop movie.

From the sounds of this, the script has been re written […]