Plot bunnies… got any?

I’ve been debating doing this, but oh hell…

So I ate all my plot bunnies – they’ve been written into the fics I already wrote. I want to write more, and in fact have one started, but the start that I have – the bounty Spike was after – isn’t the whole story.

Got a […]


This popped into my head this morning and I had to write it.

It’s very short and a departure from what I normally write about, and I thought I’d try something a bit different.

What does EIN think about all this? This is what I think, in Memories.


A few words about Michelle. The main guest character is an actual person and a very close friend of mine. Ninety-nine percent of the information about this character is true of the real life lady as well. My thanks, Michelle, for letting me use you for one of my stories. 🙂

This one took a […]


I wasn’t going to do it, but Bunnycritters’ comments on Bebop Soul gave me the idea that maybe we SHOULD think about what comes next. The guys have some things they need to deal with, and what about the Bebop?

I thought about it and this is the result. Thanks, Bunnycritters!

I kept rewriting things, […]

Bebop Soul

I love this title. Bebop Soul.

The Bebop is a ship, a modified boat that at the time this story takes place housed two men. The soul of the ship is the people who call it home. They’re friends and partners who trust each other, but that’s not to say that friendship has never been […]


It took a while, but here it is! Finally y’all get to meet Evangeline. I’ve been threatening you with her pretty much since I started writing these and now she’s here. 😀

I had a scene that was in my head that almost wound up in the Dribs ‘n’ Drabbles section of the fanfiction page, […]

The Contract

I blogged this previously in a posting titled “More stupid stuff I think of.” It’s very very short. I love this. Fleshed out a few things a bit, but it’s the same goof.

Yeah, it’s stupid but it makes me laugh. I’m putting this up on the fan fic page in the new “Dribs ‘n’ […]

How Much For the Boy?

I get these… SCENES in my head that won’t let me go. I need to type them out and share them.

Here is one I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Cowboy Bebop Illustrations – The Wind by character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto has a picture of Spike playing the piano. He’s got a little […]

Memphis Rock

Ok, I seriously feel like I gave birth to this one.

That’s what I get when I try to control the story. I’m an amateur, and sometimes I plan my stories out – how they start, how they progress, how they end. Sometimes I’ll have a scene that I want in the story and […]

Sorry for the delay in the latest fic

Real life has been keeping me REALLY busy and I haven’t had the time to devote to writing it.

It’s also, as I may have mentioned before, not a story that writes itself like some others that I’ve spit out in only a few days. It’s maybe a little over halfway done and I hope […]