Cowboy Bebop Director Discusses Live Action Movie and Hypothetical Series Sequel

Basically, it’s not dead but not moving, the live action. No interest at all in following up the series, but possibly, if he thought he could do it better. He doesn’t, so it’s not happening. Yeah, it would be hella difficult to follow that.

Here’s the article from Anime News Network

EDIT: The middle […]

Cowboy Bebop blu ray US release date set!

Little bit late getting this out, sorry about that. For those who haven’t already seen it, December 16 is the date set for the US release. More here.

You can pre-order on now if you wish!

Funimation to distribute Cowboy Bebop!

Word coming out of Otakon says that Funimation will be distributing Cowboy Bebop, picking it up after Bandai gave up distributing anime. More on the good news here!

This is exciting! People are unable to buy the Anime Legends box set because the price has soared to over $100 since it went out of print. […]

Comprehensive review of part 1 of Cowboy Bebop blu ray

This is very well written and very comprehensive.

It’s not the retail version and the writer is in the UK, so is reviewing that region’s blu ray, but I imagine it will be the same wherever it’s released: on-Part-1/157275/Review-by-Jitendar-Canth

Cowboy Bebop Live Action: Intriguing News…

I have google news alerts set up searching for news about a live action movie for Cowboy Bebop and nothing’s shown up in maybe a year.

Then I see a message board posting stating that Kristopher Van Varenberg (son of Jean Claude Van Damme) has been hired as Spike for the live action movie. […]

What Spike’s Body Language Says

There is a web site I frequent that’s VERY GOOD if you want to learn about Japan. There is a posting they made about Japanese body language – how to express a thought or idea using gestures and body language (much like in the Western world – USA specifically – one would put tip of […]

Cowboy Bebop live action movie “Still Alive!”

Howdy howdy howdy! Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog as of late. Haven’t had much to say (about pretty much everything, turns out). I am still trying to get that fic I started last year finished. I have an idea for the next one but not till I finish this one. Sure hope it’s worth […]

Cowboy Bebop FINALLY to be released on blu ray

This time it looks to be true! There’s even a date: December 21, 2012. The only thing is though, it looks to be Japan only at this point, hopefully the rest of the world to follow.

Full story here: It’s in Japanese, so you may want to run it through a translator to get […]

Cowboy Bebop Serenade

Tokyopop posted this Cowboy Bebop rap video to their facebook page and it’s so awesome, I have to share it!!

In case the embed doesn’t work, here is the link.

Yoko Kanno writes song to mark March 11 tsunami disaster

Read about it here on Anime News Network.

According to the article he “Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Are Blooming) song’s instrumental recording is complete, and vocals are now being recorded. 33 singers, celebrities, and sports figures who hail from Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima Prefectures — the prefectures hardest hit by the diasters — are […]