Live action TV Series

Yep, they’re going there. There have been several articles about this over the last few days, but I liked this one the best. Check out what has to say about it! They discuss internet reaction to the news and it’s not pretty.

None of the articles state if they’re going to redo the series […]

Possibly something new on Live Action Cowboy Bebop

Got this via my google alert I have set up. Not a whole lot in here that’s new, but the headline got my attention (bastards! LOL). ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Live Action Hollywood Movie Shooting This 2015? Anime Continuation Still A Possibility”


Awesome review of Cowboy Bebop in The Atlantic

Y’all will like this. The Atlantic Reviews Cowboy Bebo on the occasion of the release of the remastered series on blu ray.

Show this to anyone who may be contemplating checking it out or is resistant to the idea of watching anime.