Roof blown off – Intriguing question about RFB 2

Raising the roof

EDITED to add image.

Something was brought up on the Cowboy Bebop message board that has me wondering now.

Spike is storming the Red Dragon headquarters, going after Vicious. He gets off the elevator on the top floor, where Vicious is and runs down the hallway towards the “throne room” (as […]

Running the gamut


Just when I start to think I’ve run out of stuff to analyse, something comes to mind that I’ve noticed that I haven’t written about that I have to share. I’m wondering if others out there have run into the same attitudes I’ve seen regarding the end of Cowboy Bebop. BELIEVE me when I […]

Always broke?

Crew of the Bebop

I’ve been thinking about how during the series they were so frequently out of cash. It was a recurring theme in the show that they were broke – out of fuel, out of food, barely making it. Mushroom Samba is an extreme case in point. They were out of fuel […]

“Is it real? It must be real”

Badass dream?

I wasn’t going to post this, but… well… this new fic is taking longer to write than I thought it would, and the Spook must post so…

There have been a couple of postings I’ve made about the Cowboy Bebop movie (maybe) being a dream. I gave examples from the movie that would […]

I already died once

Already died once

I’m wrapping up “Ode to Charlie” before running it through my editing process and a thought occurred to me about something that had been said more than once in the series. Spike told Bull and Jet that he had “already died once.” Obviously he was still alive, and the assumption I always […]

More “Tiger Striped Cat” musings

Spike listening to Gren

There is a discussion I was involved with (natch) on message board about Spike’s ultimate fate. Brief quote of what I’m responding to:

As for Spike’s death fitting thematically, I would say that overall, death is the main theme of the episode. […]Then there is the story Spike tells about […]

I have to ask…

I’ll be adding this to my ‘spike lives’ page soon, but I have to ask….

Look at this screen cap I took:

Where is Vicious’ body? It was there when Spike shot him. In fact, in this picture:

That white spot on the floor in front of Spike’s feet, circled here in yellow […]

The “Tiger striped cat” story

Tiger Striped Cat book

For those who didn’t know, Tiger Striped Cat story wasn’t made up for the show. It’s an actual book by Yoko Sano and James L. Huffman (published January 1977).

I have read SO many people who think that once he killed Vicious, Spike had nothing left to do. His life […]

So what happens next?

Now what?

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I’m someone that if you tell me a joke, I laugh at the punchline, but I always wonder what happens afterward. Hajime Yadate had a story to tell when they made Cowboy Bebop that they concluded with Real Folk Blues. Everyone pretty much […]

Session #0 – the theme of the series

Leaving his past behind

I am watching session #0 again, found in the Remix on disk 5 under Extras. It’s wonderful, shows the characters and their voice actors, the producers, animators, story editor and writer Keiko Nobumoto, soundtrack composer Yoko Kanno, character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto and of course, the man himself, Shinichiro Watanabe. If you […]