Poll: If they made more Cowboy Bebop sessions, would you watch?

I have to ask. I’ve been having conversations with a few folks and we’re talking about what it would be like if they made more Cowboy Bebop.

I don’t expect it will EVER happen. But just for giggles, what if they did?

I think I know what the majority will say, but it will still […]

Poll: Live Action Bebop – would you see it?

The lack of progress on the planned live action Cowboy Bebop is discouraging to some (including me). I know opinion varies widely among the fandom on whether this is a good idea or not. I’m interested in what my visitors think. Please vote, and if you care to elaborate on what you think about having […]

What the heck… “how is my site?”

When I installed the poll plugin, it came with a poll, “How is my site?” I hadn’t posted it, relying on it showing up as a random poll on the left sidebar, if a reader wanted to vote when it came up they could.

Maybe I should give everyone the opportunity to let me know […]

Poll: Dub or sub?

I think I already know the answer to this, but still have to ask. 😀

[poll id=”3″]

Poll: Spike’s ethnicity

There is a new widget on the left that will display a random poll. One of them is this one, the other is a generic, pre-made poll that came with the plugin. I thought, what the heck….

Anyway, here is my first poll for this blog, what to you think is Spike’s ethnicity?

Should be […]