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The crew of the Bebop

The crew of the Bebop

I’ve been writing in this blog my thoughts on Cowboy Bebop the series and the movie. Not happy with the fanfic I’ve seen written so far, with a little encouragement, I decided to write my own.

NOTE: I am uploading all of these to AO3 so you can read them there also AND enjoy the fabulous stories others have written as well. 🙂 Those works that have already been migrated are marked with an asterisk (*).

I put up this page to list the fics in the order in which the stories take place.

These stories deal almost exclusively with that period of time before the events in Asteroid Blues (session #1 of the series). I want to know about Spike and Jet’s early years together and that’s what I’m concentrating on. These are turning out to be telling a continuous story. Sometimes there will be a reference to a character or event in an earlier fic. Sorry about that.

There may be stories written that will fit between the events of one fic and another and those will be inserted into their proper places, with the posting date – in case someone reads them all and a new one is written, they can quickly find what’s new. “Coda” is the end of the storyline, following up “Aftermath Twostep”. “Pandemonium” is the beginning (unless I come up with something that takes place before it – not likely, but you never know). As I add new stories, they will generally be added immediately before “Memories.”

Each fic has a link back to the blog posting that introduces it in case one is moved to comment. As always, comments are not only welcome, they are invited and encouraged.

One word of advice though – please read the fics before reading the comments on the blog, as comments are loaded with spoilers. 🙂

I cleaned this page up a little. Assume with all of the stories here that there is some “language.” There will be the occasional “STRONG language.” I don’t write sexually charged content, so there won’t be any advisories on that score. If there is anything else readers should know about, like “graphic violence” it will be noted here.

I’ve added a new section at the end called “Dribs ‘n’ Drabbles” that gives a home to random Cowboy Bebop “scenes” if you will, that don’t or won’t fit into a story. It’s just random stuff that I thought I’d share. Scroll down if interested. They’re short like “Pandemonium” and don’t really fit in anywhere. Hope you enjoy them!

Thank you for reading!

*Pandemonium 3-November-2009
Spike and Vicious as children.

*Swordfish Melody 11-April 2010
Sixteen-year-old Spike meets Doohan and faces a life-changing event.

*Martian Dirge 24-March 2010
What happened back on Mars when Spike left the Red Dragon?

*Io Tango 16-March 2010
Spike meets Jet.

*New Orlando Bop (racist insults) 22-March 2010
Spike and Jet’s first bounty.

*Bebop Scramble 3-April 2010
The bounty hunters get more than they bargained for.

*Ode to Charlie 5-April 2010
The bounty hunters deal with the aftermath of a murder.

*Hogan’s Twist 19-April 2010
A routine bounty turns into an investigation into the bombing of a daycare center.

*Rhapsody in Greene 4-May 2010
Spike and Jet must capture a bounty that can travel through hyperspace.

*A Day in the Life 10-May 2010
Spike and Jet take a day off and still manage to get into trouble.

*Hound Dog 12-May 2010
Jet finds that hunting bounties has gone to the dogs.

*Days of Future Passed (graphic violence) 17-May 2010
Spike goes undercover to rescue a young teen from a syndicate.

*Don’t Look Back 27-May 2010
An ISSP officer taps Jet for a ride from Europa to Mars (continues ‘Days of Future Passed’).

Shock the Monkey 15-June 2010
A bounty head’s pet monkey generates interest from more than just the bounty’s sister.

Fools Rush in (Where Angels Fear to Tread) 12-July 2010
An old friend helps locate a missing scientist.

Payback Blues 20-July 2010
Jet owes another bounty hunter a favor, which he and Spike have to pay back.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother 27-July 2010
A serial killer bounty head turns the tables on Spike and Jet.

Requiem for a Dream 14-August 2010
Their latest bounty head turns into a nightmare for Spike and Jet.

Cowboy Blues 5-September 2010
Space cowboys gather to discuss a problem that affects them all.

Memphis Rock 2-November 2010
A bounty and his family run afoul of an ambitious gang.

Duet 22-January 2011
The cowboys take on a passenger with a damaged ship and a shocking cargo

Bebop Soul 7-February 2011
Spike is reunited with an old friend when the Swordfish is damaged and Jet has a decision to make.

Michelle 22-May 2011
Spike and Jet meet up with an old friend of Jet’s and have to contend with a man who wants her gone.

* Memories 5-June-2011
So what does Ein think of all this?

Aftermath Twostep 14-March 2010
The events that immediately follow Real Folk Blues part 2

Coda – 16-April 2011
The Bebop is damaged. Can she be fixed? (continues Aftermath Twostep)

=============Dribs ‘n’ Drabbles============

Not full stories, just random stuff that pops into my head that must be typed out. Not part of any fics and in no particular order. Just random brain dumps. They make me giggle.

How Much For The Boy? 11-November 2010
How MUCH for the boy, hmmm?

The Contract 11-November 2010
Spike and Jet are partners. Do they have a contract?